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Empower Network Training | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Empower Network Training

Hello Team!

If you have arrived at this point, it means that you are a new member on my Empower Network Team.  If for some reason you arrived at this point, but you are not yet on my team, then make sure to check it out now.  There is nothing better than receiving 100% commissions for your marketing efforts.  So make sure you are actually a paid member of my team or else you won’t be able to access much of this training.

Also, if you aren’t yet currently “all in”, meaning that you have not purchased all of the products that Empower Network has to offer…then you need to do so IMMEDIATELY!

“Yeah right Tim, you are just trying to sell me something…”


I am trying to help you blow up your business like you have never done before.  I am having tons of people join my team every month, and I honestly don’t have time to work with every member.  I can only work personally with those that I know are serious, and by going “all in”, it shows that you aren’t just playing around.  You are ready to kick some serious Internet marketing ass.

Additionally, (and more importantly in my opinion) the content in the Empower Network products is freakin’ GOLD!!!

“Hey Tim, how do you get your blog posts ranked so high?”

“Hey Tim, how do you do backlinking?  What is backlinking?”

“Hey Tim, what paid avenues do you use to scale your marketing?’

These are the questions that I get daily, and it is impossible for me to answer these over and over again.

The answer to 99% of the “how to” with blogging and making income with Empower Network can be discovered by getting “all in”.  The sooner you buy all the products, the sooner you will start making MASSIVE incomes with Empower Network.

So now moving into the nuts and bolts of my training here on this page.

For starters, this training is for the absolute “newbie”.  Meaning, this is a bare bones approach on how to get started with your Empower Network business and blogging using a WordPress blog.

If you have even the slightest experience with using a WordPress blog, you will likely know all of this stuff already, but you are more than welcome to follow along.  I am trying to make sure that you guys get started on the right foot, and have a general idea on how to actually access many of the tools needed to get ranked in the search engines.   This requires baby steps, and you will constantly see me go over and over things.  Repetition is the mother of all learning.

Also, I will be updating this page as I see fit, but I think it will be a one-stop shop on how to get the ball rolling.  Some of these steps you may have done, and if you have, then great.  But please make sure you follow them in order.

Ok guys, without further delay, let’s get you rocking and rolling with your new Empower Network business.

1.  Login And Watch All Of The “Fast Start” Videos

Login to your Empower Network Account here –> https://www.empowernetwork.com/login.php

Next, go to the “My Training” tab and then to the “Fast Start” tab below that one.

Finally, watch all 8 Lessons, and FOLLOW THE CORE COMMITMENTS!!! They are “core” for a reason.  In fact, watch them at least twice.  There is a ton of content there alone.

2.  Setup Your eWallet As Your Pay System

You may have already done this because it is part of the “Fast Start” videos, but just in case you didn’t, go back and do it now!  It makes the process very streamlined on how to get paid when the commissions start to flow in.

3.  Basic Overview of How Online Marketing Works

Check out the video for a basic overview on how online marketing works.


4.  How To Get People/Eye Balls Onto Your Capture Page/Start of Your Sale Funnel


5.  How To Navigate Your Empower Network Back Office/Activity Feed


6.  How To Do Super Basic Keyword Research

See How Dr. Lawler Does His Keyword Research And Writes His Post

I do believe sometimes watching how someone does a process is the most valuable thing rather than just telling you.  Therefore, I made a video to show you how I actually go through my keyword and writing process.  (Of note, I apologize for the cursor highlighter getting stuck in the middle of the page about half way through the video.  However, you should still be able to follow along with my instructions.)

Also as mentioned in the above video, you can see what I suggest for where to place your keywords for maximum SEO profits!


7.  Get Your Aweber Account Setup

If you have been doing this business for awhile, you will always here, “the money is in the list.”  But, how do you start, collect, and manage that list?  Simple.  With Aweber. This list managing service is pretty darn amazing.  Plus, it integrates well with the Empower Network blogging system.

Once you get your account setup, you need to start writing autoresponders.  If you don’t know what this means, we will go over it in your New Member Business Strategy Session.

BUT, if you want to leverage the skills of million dollar copywriting, then I highly suggest picking up Aaron and Sophia Rashkin’s autoresponder series that will allow you to tailor the links to your specific Empower Network page, all while using Aaron’s skills.  It’s pretty cool, and you can check it by doing the following.

a.  Visit http://allinteamtraining.com, and sign up for an account.  (It’s free because you are on Aaron and Sophia’s team by default since you are on my team :)).

b.  Go to the “Products” tab on the top.

c.  Go to the “EN Followups” section next.

Then you can check it out if you want to use them.


8.  Go Back To Step 5 and Sign Up At AllInTeamTraining.com!


9.  “Friend Me” On Facebook So That I Can Lead You To Our “All In” Team Facebook Group!



10.  Sign Up For Google Analytics To Track The Progress Of Your Blogging

You can do so by the following steps.

a.   Visist http://www.google.com/analytics/

b.  Create your analytics code by following the steps.  ***OF NOTE*** make sure that the site you put into the analytics is www.EmpowerNetwork.com/yourusername/blog

Meaning, you want the “blog” portion to be part of it.

c.  Sign into your Empower Network back office, and click on the “Login and Start Blogging” button.

d.  Make sure that you “Exit Easy Mode” (in the top right corner), which will put you into the “Advanced” mode of WordPress per Empower Network terms.

e.  On the bottom left part of the page, you will see “Settings”, and then “Google Analytics”.  Paste your Google Analytics code into the appropriate field.

Finally, start tracking by visiting Google.com/analytics


11.  Great Places To Get Free Traffic

a.  Empire Avenue – Just join. It’s free!

b.  IBOToolBox – Just join. It’s also free!

***CAUTION*** DO NOT let these be a “time suck”.  Always spend your time blogging.  Use these are free tools for self promotion of your blog posts.  Don’t be rude, and make real connections here.  However, make sure that you don’t spend all day on these sites, and not doing revenue producing activities!



(slowly updating the videos to go in direct line with the ENV2)


12.  How To Upload A Picture To Your Comments Section

Ever wanted to comment on another person’s blog, only to have your image not show up?  How do you get it to show up?

Simple, visit gravatar.com.  I show you how in the video below.


13.  How To Upload A Personal Picture Into The Standard Empower Network Blog Theme Header

When you first start with your Empower Network blogging platform, you will have a picture of David Wood and his wife, Ashley.  You will likely want to change this picture to one of yourself.  This video will show you how to do it.


14. How To Change Out Your Header/Top Banner Ad For Ultimate Customization


15. How To Quickly and Properly Use Email Swipe


16.  How To Get More Backlinks and Autosyndicate Yourself

My Video Coming soon!

In the meantime, at least sign up with TribePro for a free account now, or check out my most recent post on why I think TribePro is pretty sweet!