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Just A Little Humor For Tonight

Hey guys…

I’m pretty tired for tonight so I will just leave you with an oldie but goodie YouTube video tonight.  This is hilarious, and even if you have seen this video, I bet that it’s been awhile.
Enjoy it, and if you like it, leave a “hell yeah” comment below, or just “ReTweet” or “Like”.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

Zeek Rewards Affiliates: How You Get Up Will Define You

Yes, you are hearing it straight from my mouth.  How you get up will absolutely define the character of the type of person you are.

Who am I talking about?  Our brothers and sisters of Zeek Rewards.

I don’t care who you are….I have seen everybody and anybody, to include MANY of the “gurus”, attack relentlessly the company and distributors of Zeek Rewards….and then try to quickly swoop down to gobble them up into their own primary company.

“You should have known better.”

“It was obviously a ponzi scheme from the beginning.”

“How stupid could you have been.”

“You’re an idiot….but here is my link if you are still interested in the industry.”

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How To Make A MLM Webinar

Hello My Friends,

Thank you for stopping by to check out my video on how to make a MLM webinar.    It is a very short video, but I have been getting many questions from people wondering how to do a screen cast video. It is very easy, and it is through a service called Camtasia.

This video will just touch on how to get access to Camtasia for your own personal use, and it goes through a very quick outline of how to set up your webinar or powerpoint video presentations.

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Buy Your Own Place Now

Buy A Home Now

No seriously, I’m not kidding.  You need to jump on this amazing opportunity that life and the current housing market is showing us all at this very moment.  You hear all the time that “rates are at an all time low”…well they advertise that because it’s true.  Never in the history of real estate has there been a better time to buy your own place than right now.

“I’m just a kid”…”That’s big grown up stuff”….”I don’t have the money for that”.  These phrases might actually leave your lips, or I’m sure they’re definitely running through your head.    Either way, they are ok to think or say once!   After that, you need to get passed that fear of “this is the biggest purchase of my life”, and get researching.   Yes, research and research and research some more.  You see, the more educated you are about the process, the LESS scary it will be. 

“So how do I research buying my own place Tim?” Believe it or not, it is a way easier than you think. 

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So You’re Telling Me There’s A Chance

So You're Telling Me There's A ChanceThese days, there’s no easy way around it.  Finding a job is SUPER tough, especiallyif you are a recent college graduate.  It almost seems as if there is no way in the world to get ahold of a decent paying job. 

Even though the chances seem dim, I want to talk about 2 ways in which you can improve your “marketability” in today’s high unemployment economy.

Both avenues have to do with a little thing called social media.  We have all heard about it.  Most of us use it.  But there are still many people who have no clue how to tap into these powerful tools. 

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