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How To Look For Alternative Ways Of Advertising

Yes, it’s really not as hard as you think.


Just as there are million dollar opportunities

around us every second…

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Dedicated To The Most Important Person In My Life, Jessica Lawler, My Beautiful Wife And Best Friend In The Entire World

I am hands down the luckiest man in the entire world.

You see, my wife Jessica is a badass.

No, you don’t understand.  She is a genuine, certified, badass.

While most wives worry about their husbands spending long days at work, or wonder when they are coming home for dinner….

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Lowe’s Contractor Discount

Lowe's Contractor DiscountAre you a general contractor looking for Lowe’s contractor discount info?  Well, as for the specifics of the discounts that they offer, you will need to contact your local Lowe’s office, but I have to offer you something that you may be even more interested in.

You see, I am not only a physician, but I am also an Internet marketer, involved in various businesses.

And recently, I happened to come across the single biggest venture that I, or any person reading this post, will ever come across in their entire lives.  It’s like being able to invest in Microsoft stock back in 1985.  Yeah, it’s that big.

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Physician Jobs In St. Louis

Physician Jobs in St. LouisChances are that if you are reading this post that you are a physician looking for physician jobs in St. Louis.   If you are, that is pretty sweet.  I am originally from the good ole’ S-T-L, but I have since moved to practice medicine down in the SoCal area (much better weather during the winter I might add).

Perhaps you are fresh out of residency, ready to take on the world, and finally start making the big bucks.  Or maybe you are just looking for a new start, sick of the previous medical world you worked in.

Either way, you are looking for physician jobs in St. Louis at this very moment.

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MLM Leaders Are All Around Us

I am seriously on a massive high still from the Numis Rockstar Cruise that I just got back from last week.  The type of people in that company are some of the most professional, genuine, and hard working that I have ever come across.

But as I sat there at various events, places, and meals around the ship, the amount of star power that I encountered was freakin’ unreal.  I mean, you have names like Diane Kennedy, David Wood, Chris Darty, Rob Fore, Ray Higdon, Jessica Higdon, and on and on and on.  There are literally another 20 that I could seriously list right now, but I had to end it somewhere.  Point being, there are some super big heavy hitters with this company.  That alone is a big reason that I love Numis.

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My Dog Pooped On My Hand

So I am often the lucky one that gets to take our small, 22lb Maltee-Poo, beast out to go to the bathroom each and every morning.  By beast I mean that he will eat your face off.  And by eat your face off, I mean that he will give you sweet little kisses each and every time you pet him.  He honestly is the gentlest little thing that I have ever seen.

When he was first growing up, it was a tough job trying to potty train him.  He would always go all over the house.  He would never go in the grass like we wanted.  And yes, at times, my hand was not quick enough to get removed from behind his little bottom, having a little “dingle berry” fall right onto my palm.  Those were always fun days.

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