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How To Earn Money By Blogging About Stuff That Interests You

Yeah, it’s actually pretty simple really.  By blogging about stuff that interests you, and sharing it with others, you will make money…guaranteed….IF you do it correctly.

Many people do not think that it is this easy, but I’m telling you that it is with this system.

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Updated Article Marketing Robot Review

Hello my friends.  It has been a little while since I have written about or made a video about the Article Marketing Robot (AMR) software, but I have just recently started to re-engage/update the version on my computer.

And I must say…I am thoroughly impressed with the update.

The most recent version as of this writing is the version, and it has significantly less article sites with the basic version.  However, you are able to pay a small fee ($67) to “upgrade” in order to get Web 2.0 and Wiki sites, which will increase the amount of overall places that your article is posted.

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How To Get Low Hanging MLM SEO Fruit

Tonight my friends, I am going to give you a little secret that pretty much all of the “gurus” know, but they don’t usually want this cat to come out of the bag.  This one little secret will get you a TON of traffic, and it is pretty darn easy to do.

But for a few little pre-requisites first.  This technique involves SEO marketing with a blog.  So if you don’t have a blog, don’t worry about it.  Reason being, you can get an entire blogging platform and marketing funnel for only $25 for joining the Empower Network.  Yes, I keep talking about this system, but it goes hand in hand with what I’m going to talk about tonight.  Plus, you can make a HEAFTY amount of cash in a relatively short time just by blogging daily with their system.  So again, if you need a blog, I HIGHLY recommend setting up one with the Empower Network.

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MLM Keyword Research

Today’s writing happens to deal with a topic that is often overlooked by many MLMers trying to do PPC, SEO, or PPV, but it is SO darn important.  I know that when I first started it was something that I just was in denial of.  I was like “screw it!….I can figure this out on my own.”  And the truth is, you can, but it will either take you way too long, or you won’t be any good at it.

My goal over the next 5 minutes is to give you a starting ground.  It is to help you decide how you can find those money keywords to get you the rankings you deserve.  This will take some effort, but with the tools and techniques that I provide, you will be well on your way.  So let’s get started…

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Article Marketing Robot Update

I wanted to give you guys an update about how to get the newest version of AMR on your computer so that get the maximum amount of exposure for your business.  Also, I talk about which automatic Captcha filler service that I use within AMR to get passed all of those failed submissions.

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Warning About MLM Traffic Geyser Submissions

If you are familiar with Traffic Geyser, the amazing submission service to help boost your Google and other search engine rankings, then boy do I have a warning for you.  It is so simple to avoid but also so easy to do.

So what is it?

Well, if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.  Naw, just jokes, but if you do it, other people might want to kill you…..and that is spamming the crap out of your Traffic Geyser profiles.  You see, with Traffic Geyser, you can either manually go through and set up your sites or you can purchase an already made profile, saving your about 2-4hrs.  I personally have always made my own, and there is a good reason for it.  I want to have my personal touch on each profile, to include my usernames.

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