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7 Low-Cost Places to Find Real MLM Prospects

Hello my friends….

As you know, I enjoy learning from the best leaders in the industry.  Tim Sales is literally an icon, and this most recent post on his blog is absolute money.    Enjoy!


We get this question A LOT – “Where do I find prospects without spending a fortune?” In today’s Kick Start, I’m going to share 7 low-cost places to find real prospects for your business. I hope this helps you get some new ideas and new customers and team members. Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

It’s one of our most frequent questions – “Where do I find prospects without spending a fortune?”

So, I went back through my past training and talked with my team. Here’s our list of 7 low-cost places to find prospects.

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Contain Your Home Business Excitement

Contain Your Home Business ExcitementYes, I’m telling you that you need to contain your home business excitement.   Why?  Because I want to help you have more people join you in your affiliate and/or primary business opportunities.

“But Tim, I don’t understand….don’t I want to tell people about my business opportunities?”

Of course you do. But you also don’t want to vomit all over them, and that’s what I’m trying to keep you from doing.  That is the absolute, WORST thing that you can do.

And trust me, I still find myself doing it from time to time, especially when I know what I have to show them will greatly improve their lives.

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Why Direct Sales Companies Are Worth It

Direct Sales CompaniesEver wonder if direct sales companies are worth it?  I thought about the same thing for several years actually.  Having been in the MLM industry for over 5 years and not making a dime during my first four, I was pretty discouraged at that time.

Yes, I wanted to quit working my home business all together.  Yes, I was sick of having to recruit 1,000 people to make a $20 commission check.  Yes, I was tired of hearing “is this a pyramid thing”, over and over again.

I wanted something different.

But were direct sales companies the answer?

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You Must Do Your Revenue Producing Activities First

If you aren’t doing revenue producing activities daily, then you just aren’t doing your business.  But for most people that are reading this post, I know you are always doing things to move your business forward.  But at the same time, you need to make sure that you are doing those activities that put money into your pocket first.

What are these activities?

Well, that completely depends on how you are doing your business.  You have to specifically analyze how cash is coming directly to you.

However, most people think it is through:

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You Must Give Value And Don’t Be Skimpy!

Tonight I want to talk about a topic that has been coming up more and more over the past couple of weeks for both myself and those that I coach.  Yes, we all want to be successful and help others out and make more money in the process, etc, etc.

But there is a right and a wrong way to do it.

Trust me in that I have been there in wanting to make money as fast as possible.  That vision often blinds you, especially when dollar signs start to flash before your eyes.  But you have to get past that moment.  You have to push through that temptation.

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MLM Conversations – Make Them Count

Hello my network marketing friends.  In our industry, there are SO many ups and downs, and you always hear the age old adage to make sure that you keep an even keel with your emotions….and from a logical point of view, that’s a correct statement.  But we all know that emotions play a huge part in this business.  I mean after all, emotions are what cause people to buy from you.  And the fun part of our industry and learning how to market is trying to tap into those emotions.

But today, I want to talk about conversations that you have with your prospects.  Some of those will really suck and others will be amazing.  I am just starting out this week on a super big high with the pre-launch of our new company, and I don’t know if I am going to be coming down anytime soon.  This amazing feeling that I am experiencing is contagious.  How do I know?  Well people literally tell me that my excitement is palpable.  Seriously, they do.  Not trying to blow smoke, but I am just wanting to be honest with you as always.

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