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If You Don’t Love What You Do….

Then you need to quit.


Like, immediately.


I am beyond blessed to have my cake

and eat it too.


I am able to practice medicine when I want.


I am able to generate money on demand.


I am able to mastermind with multi-millionaire entrepreneurs.


(Just like I did tonight with this fine group of people.)

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How To Look For Alternative Ways Of Advertising

Yes, it’s really not as hard as you think.


Just as there are million dollar opportunities

around us every second…

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New Video Hosting and New iMac Combo

Hey guys, I’m pretty darn stoked right now.

Yes, sometimes you have to invest in your tools and resources to start dominating in the online marketing world, and it seems that I’m FINALLY having all pieces fall into place.

I promised you guys a side by side comparison, and I think that you can see the above video is leaps and bounds better than my last one.

Two things have changed….

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Using Prospecting Tools Is Smart Leverage

Tonight, I was browsing Facebook when I saw a pretty cool post from one of the more likeable and funny ass dudes in the home business industry, Jordan Schultz.

He had told the story (now don’t quote me on this because I’m paraphrasing) about how he was going to bed, about to shut off his computer, when he received a message on his Google+ account (I think – it was one of his social media accounts).

The message was asking Jordan to show this particular guy how to make money from home.

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Why Empire Avenue Is A Phenomenal Business Building Tool

Whether or you love or hate it, social media is not going anywhere.  In fact, it’s only growing very steadily each year with businesses finally choosing to use it, no matter how big or small.

Now when it comes to networkers and Internet marketers, we are pretty much all over this stuff, but some think it takes too much time so they neglect it.

I hate to say it (because I was one of those people in the later camp until recently – except for personal “screwing around time”), but you better get your butt in gear with it.  This is hands down one of the top 3 ways in which you will be expanding your business in the coming years, if not THE main way.

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