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If You Don’t Love What You Do….

Then you need to quit.


Like, immediately.


I am beyond blessed to have my cake

and eat it too.


I am able to practice medicine when I want.


I am able to generate money on demand.


I am able to mastermind with multi-millionaire entrepreneurs.


(Just like I did tonight with this fine group of people.)

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Adapt And Overcome – Are You Doing It?

Yes, you must always stay fluid in

this business of online marketing.


The second that you become stagnant…


You lose.

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We’re Going Back To Old School

Yes my friends, I’m starting to go back to my roots,

and I’m going to resurrect my old WordPress blog.


But, there is a reason for it.


I want to do a 30 day push of dominating the

Search Engines, and see what type of “organic”

or natural traffic that I can get.


No paid traffic.


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Results Vs Sales: They’re Not The Same Thing In Online Marketing

(I’m getting there guys.  Third times the charm, I guess, when shooting videos with an iPhone and uploading them to GVO. Still not taking it down.  The message is still decent.  Just look away and listen.  Thanks!)

Many people, especially when they are first starting out, come to me stating that they aren’t getting any results.  And it is usually the point when I stop them saying….WHOA MAN!

Let’s take a hard look at what you have done.

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Thank You To Those Of You On My List

Hey Gang…I know that I haven’t been posting for a few days, and there is a good reason.  I was in transit back from my deployment half way around the world.  My sleep has been really jacked up so that is why I look pretty darn ragged in the video, but I am starting to get there with the sleep cycles.

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12 Year Old Poet Prodigy That Nobody Has Ever Heard About

({EAV:df253077984c5e29} This is just for some verification purposes on Empire Avenue.  Just ignore this and keep rocking on.)

But as I write this, Christmas is just two days away, and it is just a “good time feeling” part of the year so I am trying to get some really cool and inspiring videos and posts.

And this one is a different look.

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