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New Video Hosting and New iMac Combo

Hey guys, I’m pretty darn stoked right now.

Yes, sometimes you have to invest in your tools and resources to start dominating in the online marketing world, and it seems that I’m FINALLY having all pieces fall into place.

I promised you guys a side by side comparison, and I think that you can see the above video is leaps and bounds better than my last one.

Two things have changed….

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100,000+ And Growing

Today Ladies and Gents…

Is a badass day.

Empower Network has just surpassed 100,000+ members of the basic blogging system.

Oh yeah, and they did it in only 15 months.

That is over $30,000,000 in sales, paying 100% commissions back to its members.

I don’t care who you are…that is absolutely unprecedented.

Literally thousands of people are making incomes greater than their wildest dreams.

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Results Vs Sales: They’re Not The Same Thing In Online Marketing

(I’m getting there guys.  Third times the charm, I guess, when shooting videos with an iPhone and uploading them to GVO. Still not taking it down.  The message is still decent.  Just look away and listen.  Thanks!)

Many people, especially when they are first starting out, come to me stating that they aren’t getting any results.  And it is usually the point when I stop them saying….WHOA MAN!

Let’s take a hard look at what you have done.

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Take After Mario

(video was shot upright on the iPhone – whoops! Will get it right next time. Still leaving it though :))

Hello my friends,

As I stated in my other videos and posts, I plan to be spending a little more time over at my Empower Network blog, but I will be posting most of my videos over here at my personal blog, especially for my video messages geared towards chatting with my list.

If you aren’t yet on my list, please just get on it by putting in your email into the field below this post.

But moving on…

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A Quick Message For My List – Just Get In Today!

Hey guys…I just wanted to shoot this quick video for you.  You even get to meet my dog, Piper, who takes a quick cameo in the video.

But don’t let that distract from the message in my video.

And that is this…

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YouTube Channel Terminated – Still Winning With Empower Network

Hello my friends, and thanks for stopping by.  As you can see, it’s a been a little while since I posted on this blog.  One reason is that I have been spending a decent amount of time over at my Empower Network Blog, and I may continue this trend.

I will always try to post on both daily, but that one is getting most of my attention right now.

Also, I just returned from deployment, and I have “unplugged” the last couple of weeks.  With the vacation time coming to an end, I’m gearing back up to hit it hard.

BUT, on to bigger and better things…and that is Empower Network and YouTube.

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