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Adapt And Overcome – Are You Doing It?

Yes, you must always stay fluid in

this business of online marketing.


The second that you become stagnant…


You lose.

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We’re Going Back To Old School

Yes my friends, I’m starting to go back to my roots,

and I’m going to resurrect my old WordPress blog.


But, there is a reason for it.


I want to do a 30 day push of dominating the

Search Engines, and see what type of “organic”

or natural traffic that I can get.


No paid traffic.


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A San Diego Dream Home Is Mine – What’s Your Dream?

San Diego Dream Home In La Jolla



The above is a “San Diego dream home” in La Jolla, CA, which is a super nice area in the northern suburb of San Diego.   It’s been awhile since I did a dream boarding type post so I was just in the mood for some sweet houses to check out.

And since I live in San Diego, one of the most kickass places to live in the world, I thought that I would just blog about that stuff today.

So without further delay, here we go!

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Awesome Hot Tub Pic – This Is What Keeps Me Going

Awesome Hot Tub Pic

Yeah, you should definitely check out this hot tub.  I will have something like this one day.  I promise you this my friend.  But personally, I’m not a hot-tub-inside-the-house-next-to-the-fire type of guy.

I’m more of a sweet-ass-pool-with-the-hot-tub-overflowing-into-it type of guy like J Budd has at his house.  (Watch the first two minutes and the last two minutes of the video, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.   And yeah, this house is in San Diego for all my local Diego peeps out there.)

I’ve talked about J Budd’s house in a previous post by the way, but my friends, you must be getting these images in your head.


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