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Maloney Does A Good Analysis of BitCoin Vs Physical Bullion

As many of you know, I really enjoy investing in precious metals, and Mike Maloney is one of my key people that I use to educate myself about this strategy.  And with that said, I am also on his mailing list (which I highly suggest that you do as well by visiting GoldSilver.com and putting in your email into the area on the site), and today, there was a very interesting discussion about BitCoin and precious metals.

You can (and should) watch the above interview, but this just shows how crazy things are getting.

People are trying to create something out of nothing, and the fact that it’s gaining this much traction is NUTS!

Please make sure that you do your due diligence if you are wanting to invest in something like BitCoin.

Personally, I’m sticking with precious metals.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S. To get the original content, please feel free to visit Maloney’s site here.

Will Apple Continue Growth Into 2013?

Think Apple will continue growth into 2013?  Yeah, I think they will, and this quick video clip paints some convincing points about why this is likely to be the case.

David Kirkpatrick does a very good job at explaining the fundamentals, in my opinion, of why Apple will continue growth into 2013.

Also, Apple just has some badass products.

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Tax Refunds Would Be Delayed If We Go Over The Cliff Among Other Things

Yes, with all of this fiscal cliff debacle, there are some things that are bound to happen, and that’s why I wanted to share this brief clip with you.

And one of the most interesting things that I have noticed is that people wanting to get rocking with their tax refunds in early 2013, if they were going to get one in the first place, will not even start to get them until after March.

Or, how about your travels.

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Are We Going Right Off The Fiscal Cliff?

YUP! At least that’s what these two think. I’m still not decided as to whether or not we are going to roll right off the cliff, but I will disagree with one thing that they talk about in this interview…

If we do scream off the edge of this bad boy, I do NOT think that it is currently priced into market. Meaning, I don’t think that we will go off the fiscal cliff, and the market will just hang out around a 12,000+ Dow.

It will drop much, much lower.

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