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Learn From Dan Kennedy And His No BS Book Series

If you are entering into the marketing world or you have been part of it for quite some time, then chances are that you have heard about the icon Dan Kennedy.  He is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker, and wealth coach.

People pay in excess of $20,000 just to be part of his “inner circle” of mastermind events and groups. But guess what, he commands that much per event because he is honestly worth that much.

What this guy puts out into the world of marketing is simply gold.

I first read one of his “No BS” books approximately 2 years ago.

Since that time, I have read about 4 of them total, and they are freakin’ unreal.


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Just Finished Randy Gage’s “Risky Is The New Safe” – Simply Amazing

Yes, you might have caught my initial review of Randy Gage’s “Risky Is The New Safe”, and if you haven’t, I suggest reading that post first.  But tonight, I just finished the book.

And all I can say is…phenomenal.  The book is simply phenomenal.

I did touch on a lot of it in my initial review, but the entire take home point from the book was done in about the last 7 pages or so.

Throughout most of the book, Gage talks about nothing but really doom and gloom (and he even admits it)…

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Initial Thoughts On Randy Gage’s “Risky Is The New Safe”

I am just diving into Randy Gage’s new book, “Risky Is The New Safe”, and I must say that I am getting completely sucked in.  I am only about 1/3 of the way through it right now, but I wanted to stop real fast and write this quick review, giving you my initial thoughts.

First off, Randy Gage is a badass. 

Yes, I say lots of people are badass because, well, I think lots of people are badass.  And now Randy Gage has been added to that list.

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