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August, 2013 | Dr. Timothy Lawler

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Why You Deserve To Be Punched In The Face

And it basically comes down to this.

You are awesome…

But you likely don’t let your full awesomeness come out.  Like ever.

Every day, I see person, after person sell themselves short.

And it’s truly sad.  Like really sad.

Personally, I just don’t accept that in my life, and you shouldn’t either.


BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME. (yes, capitalization and bold text added for effect … because you need to quit being an idiot and read the entire statement again, right now.)

And then, start acting that way.  Yeah, act like you are awesome.

But then the shift comes into play because…you need to also:

Start being a badass.

Yes, the badass that you are.

First you are awesome, and then you morph into a badass galactic monster eating little excuse making, whining individuals in your life, BECAUSE:

You are unstoppable at that point.

I mean, the awesome thing, and badass galactic munching monster morphology is great, BUT it doesn’t mean jack unless you are unstoppable.

It’s like the new trio of the Lord, except having nothing to do with religion at all (BOY am I going to get some hate comments for mentioning the Holy Trinity on equal ranks of Awesome, Badass, and Being Unstoppable).

But, it’s true.

You are awesome.

You are a badass.

You are unstoppable.

Make it happen in your life.

Make the decision this second.

And then give me a call so that I can high five you through the air for experiencing such an earth shattering moment in your life.

(And I will do it, trust me.  I will air-high-five-your-ass).

Because that’s how I roll.

Just dare to be awesome…


And unstoppable.

You deserve it.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler