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YouTube Channel Terminated - Still Winning With Empower Network | Dr. Timothy Lawler

YouTube Channel Terminated – Still Winning With Empower Network

Hello my friends, and thanks for stopping by.  As you can see, it’s a been a little while since I posted on this blog.  One reason is that I have been spending a decent amount of time over at my Empower Network Blog, and I may continue this trend.

I will always try to post on both daily, but that one is getting most of my attention right now.

Also, I just returned from deployment, and I have “unplugged” the last couple of weeks.  With the vacation time coming to an end, I’m gearing back up to hit it hard.

BUT, on to bigger and better things…and that is Empower Network and YouTube.

Yes, it appears that there are individuals going around and flagging pretty much anyone and everyone’s videos on YouTube that has any type of associate with Empower Network.

And if you have been in this industry for any length of time, then you know that YouTube will pretty much just shut it down.  Then, it is pretty darn hard to get it back.

I mean, I have people state that they had a video about their dog, and nothing to do with Empower Network, but guess what…that video was “flagged”.

This is a joke!

It’s ridiculous.

For me, I have always been told to not rely on YouTube or any other third party source to host your videos.  You need to find a good dedicated hosting service and plant them there.

I always listened, but I never took action.

Well, now that my YouTube channel has been shut down, my hand got forced really quick.

After asking around, I decided to go with GVO for my video hosting needs.  From one reliable source, she stated that the Empower Network leadership recommends them.

And so far, I have had no problems with their service.

The interface is very similar to any other social media hosting platform, but instead, it is YOUR dedicated hosting platform for your videos.

Nobody can come and shut you down “just because”.

Even if you are just starting out, DO NOT solely rely on YouTube to host your videos.

ANYTHING can happen, and they can shut you down.

DO NOT be an idiot like me, and just “see if it happens.”  Trust me, it will with time and as you get bigger.

Therefore, bite the bullet, and make the switch.

I recommend GVO.  It is just like any other web hosting service, in which it costs like $10/month (which is super dirt cheap and about the going rate), and of course, if you pay for a year up front, the price per month drops to about $8.50/month.

BUT, the reason that I like it….it can be used just for dedicated video hosting, and the user interface is unreal.

If you do decide to pump out a ton of videos (which I HIGHLY suggest doing because it is the best way to truly market ANYTHING), then you might consider upgrading to the “Titanium” package, which is just under $50/month.  BUT you get unlimited bandwidth to show your videos, unlimited uploads, and unlimited everything with that package.

Again, it might seem like a ton of money, but if you are serious about your business, then you need to get with the program, and invest.  And at only $55ish per month, it is a true steal.

If you want to check it out, just follow these steps….

1.  Visit this page to check out some specs of GVO.

2.  Create an account.

3.  Decide to pay $10/month or for the year up front.

4.  Start uploading your videos or make them straight from your computer with the “Easy Video Producer”, much like the one above.  (Of note, sorry for the quality of video above, but it has to deal with my computer.  My computer sucks, but there is a much higher chance that your computer is much better so you won’t have those problems.)

5.  If you like the interface and see video marketing as a viable option, then upgrade to the Titanium package.

Ok folks, I hope that this helps.

Would love to get some conversation about this as well by leaving your comments below.  Let me know.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  No matter what, this system will survive (as it has through many obstacles), letting tens of thousands make the income that they only dreamed of having.  Check it out by entering your email here now!