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Using Prospecting Tools Is Smart Leverage | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Using Prospecting Tools Is Smart Leverage

Tonight, I was browsing Facebook when I saw a pretty cool post from one of the more likeable and funny ass dudes in the home business industry, Jordan Schultz.

He had told the story (now don’t quote me on this because I’m paraphrasing) about how he was going to bed, about to shut off his computer, when he received a message on his Google+ account (I think – it was one of his social media accounts).

The message was asking Jordan to show this particular guy how to make money from home.

When Jordan told him to watch a video first, the guy starts asking a bunch of questions.

Therefore, Jordan tells him…. “Dude, I’m not going to answer your questions until you watch the video.”

In return, this guy tells him that he will not work with Jordan unless he answers his questions.

Jordan instantly turned off his computer.

First off, I love this story.  Second off, I’m damn proud of Jordan’s response.

He has been doing this for quite some time, and he knows when to end a crappy conversation that is simply wasting his time.

The problem is….most people new to the industry will never do this. 

They believe that they have to answer every question, from every person, every time. And initially, this might seem to be productive activity, but I guarantee you that it is not.


Because 90% of those people will still not join you in whatever business opportunity that you are offering them.

You could have been writing 3 more blog posts or taking 5 more orders of product in the time that it took to answer all of those random questions a video or automated phone call could do.

That is why good, educational materials about what you do is absolutely paramount.

If you put that in front of others, it will do the work so you don’t have to.  I promise you this.

If they aren’t willing to LISTEN to you, especially when it comes to very simple instructions such as watching a stupid little video, then you need to let them go.

Use the prospecting tools given to you.  It is how you leverage your time.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  This system will teach you how to leverage your time to the MAX while earning some kickass commissions.  No 3 way calls, no cold calling, no losing family and friends.  Just simple, awesome, online marketing.