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January, 2013 | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Archive for January, 2013

We Finance Everything That We Do

Yes, we do finance everything that we do.  This is just a quick video about one of the many things that I have learned from the Infinite Banking concept.

I highly suggest going over to Paradigm Life, and checking out their “Infinite 101” course.  It is completely free and simply phenomenal.

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Thank You To Those Of You On My List

Hey Gang…I know that I haven’t been posting for a few days, and there is a good reason.  I was in transit back from my deployment half way around the world.  My sleep has been really jacked up so that is why I look pretty darn ragged in the video, but I am starting to get there with the sleep cycles.

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How A 19 Yr Old Beach Bum Made 7K With This System

Guys…you really can’t argue with this.  If a 19yr old beach bum goes from showering with homeless dudes to making 7k in 60 days, ANYONE can do it.

It isn’t rocket science.

There is not “secret” book that you need.

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A San Diego Dream Home Is Mine – What’s Your Dream?

San Diego Dream Home In La Jolla



The above is a “San Diego dream home” in La Jolla, CA, which is a super nice area in the northern suburb of San Diego.   It’s been awhile since I did a dream boarding type post so I was just in the mood for some sweet houses to check out.

And since I live in San Diego, one of the most kickass places to live in the world, I thought that I would just blog about that stuff today.

So without further delay, here we go!

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Infinite Banking Is Just Plain Smart

So I talked about this entire financial tool and idea a few weeks back over at my Empower Network blog, and I was mentioning how Paradigm Life, the company featured in the Elevation Group, can set up an Infinite Banking program for you.

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Have No Marketing List? No Problem.

While on a run this evening, I was listening to the weekly Empower Network training calls as I usually do, and David Wood was speaking his magic.

He had mentioned how sometimes, while having a glass of wine, he reads the critics and just plain bashing of the company and the results people get with this system.

He does it while having a glass of wine sometimes, and he often just laughs.

And you know what…I laugh too.

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