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Why Empire Avenue Is A Phenomenal Business Building Tool | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Why Empire Avenue Is A Phenomenal Business Building Tool

Whether or you love or hate it, social media is not going anywhere.  In fact, it’s only growing very steadily each year with businesses finally choosing to use it, no matter how big or small.

Now when it comes to networkers and Internet marketers, we are pretty much all over this stuff, but some think it takes too much time so they neglect it.

I hate to say it (because I was one of those people in the later camp until recently – except for personal “screwing around time”), but you better get your butt in gear with it.  This is hands down one of the top 3 ways in which you will be expanding your business in the coming years, if not THE main way.

And Empire Avenue is going to be a big contender.

What is Empire Avenue?

Yeah, my thoughts exactly until I started to go through some of the training in the 15K per month formula course at Empower Network, and Chris Record dropped this little gem of a site.

And then I’m reading Randy Gage’s book, “Risky Is The New Safe”, and he is dropping this site left and right.

So I figured, I need to check it out.

And holy cow…it is SUPER addicting.

At its core, it is just another social media site, but it plays into our inner beings of wanting to grow our wealth via cash value.  How are Americans known to do this?  Simple.  The stock market.

Therefore, you, as a user on the site, are essentially your own company.  People are able to buy shares of your “stock”, and the site monitors your social media activity.  You don’t have to do anything different.  You just plug in your social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, and the site monitors your activity on your different platforms.

And since you likely visit at least one of those sites per day, your stock price will go up and down depending if you actually interact or not.

The cash used on the site is called “Eaves”, and you start out with 10,000e (e=Eaves) from the start.  Then you can buy and sell stock in other people, aka other people’s “companies”, etc.  And yes, dividends are even included.

But here is where this becomes powerful…you can also trade and use the Eaves for services as well.

SO, if you write a blog post or have some other type of content that you want people to visit, they will happily take your Eaves in exchange for getting traffic to your site.

Do you get the picture here?

This is a free, although can be time consuming, way to get traffic to your blog, capture page, or sales letter.  However, I would honestly recommend NOT driving traffic to a sales page or capture page directly.  You will likely have your shares sold, and you will be seen as “one of those sell out guys.”

You need to be providing value and content to the community.   The best way to do that is via a blog, such as with the Empower Network blogging system.

This will be big in the future guys, especially if you are trying to grow your online business.

Setup a free profile now.

Try not to get too addicted.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  This system will pair very well with your Empire Avenue profile in getting you more traffic, leads, and sales for your business.