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Top Three “Other” Social Media Sites That I Use To Connect With Rockstars | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Top Three “Other” Social Media Sites That I Use To Connect With Rockstars

There is absolutely zero way in which you can be in an online business these days without being part of some type of social media platform.  The “big three” as I like to call them are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in my opinion, with Google + making a strong play to enter the match.

And chances are, you are using at least one of these big three to build your online presence at this very moment.

If you aren’t, then start using at least of them now, and if you are, then please feel free to connect with me on each of those platforms.  You can check out how to do so on the right hand side of the screen as you scroll down.

However, I want to give you the top three “other” biggest social media sites that I recommend when trying to grow your influence.

You may have come across them because I have blogged about each of these companies in the past, giving my take on them, but I want to revisit them quickly today.

So without further delay..

Top Three “Other” Social Media Sites That You Can Use To Grow Your Business

1.  LinkedIn

Ok, chances are that you have heard about this site as well, but most online marketers/business people usually neglect this site.  They think it is only for the more “traditional” business individuals.  But if you think this way, you need to undo that type of thinking right now.  This site has some big time players, and you could be exactly what they are looking for when it comes to expanding their marketing to the Internet, if they aren’t doing it already.  (Connect with me on LinkedIn here.)

 2.  IBOToolBox

Now this is a pretty cool site, and you can check out my initial review of IBOToolBox here.  The reason being is that it rewards you for being active on the site, with actual paid advertising credits….for free!

Sooo as  quick side note, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising used to be a pretty hot way to generating paid leads, and guess what, it still is.  But it can be super expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Therefore, IBOToolBox gives you the option to earn credits towards PPC campaigns by commenting on other people’s posts, posting press releases and videos, and by providing just good, overall content.  You will then no kidding get to partake in getting free credits to use on your own PPC campaign within the community.  It really is a beautifully designed system.  (Connect with me here on IBOToolBox.)

3.  Empire Avenue

Finally, the best for last. Yes, I just recently discovered this site, and it is super addicting.  It is actually a social media site itself, but it monitors all of other big time social media sites as well, specifically how active you are on them.  I touch on the greatness of this site in my review of Empire Avenue here.

But seriously guys, after using this site for a few days, this has some SERIOUS potential to take your business to the next level.  It is similar to IBOToolBox as stated above in that it allows you to earn credits toward actual real results for your business, but it is even more interactive, without it seeming like you are being interactive.  It plays on your will to grow your wealth, and it cuts to your inner want to succeed, via growing your virtual wealth in “eaves.”

So how does it work?

Well, it gives you actual monetary value by letting you do “Missions”, which again, will allow you to earn free traffic for your efforts on all your social media sites, to include the Empire Avenue site itself.  I usually see between a double to a quadruple increase in my business when I send traffic to my sites using Empire Avenue.  (Connect with me on Empire Avenue here.)

Ok my friends, I hope that this helped give you some other ideas on how you can get free traffic and make some amazing business connections using these three “other” types of social media sites.

Please connect with me on those sites, and we can move forward together.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  If you want to bring all of your social media sites together in one place, then you really need a blog to do it.  This system will give you a blog for only $25/month.  It’s the cheapest that I have seen with the value and power that this blogging system provides.  Simply enter your email address here, and watch the video on the other side to learn more.