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Learn From Dan Kennedy And His No BS Book Series | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Learn From Dan Kennedy And His No BS Book Series

If you are entering into the marketing world or you have been part of it for quite some time, then chances are that you have heard about the icon Dan Kennedy.  He is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker, and wealth coach.

People pay in excess of $20,000 just to be part of his “inner circle” of mastermind events and groups. But guess what, he commands that much per event because he is honestly worth that much.

What this guy puts out into the world of marketing is simply gold.

I first read one of his “No BS” books approximately 2 years ago.

Since that time, I have read about 4 of them total, and they are freakin’ unreal.


Because Kennedy goes into the psychology of marketing on an unprecedented scale.  He explains the theories, facts, and opinions of why certain marketing techniques work, and why others don’t.

And we are talking about going into the nitty gritty details here guys.

If you want to learn marketing, you MUST start to ready Dan Kennedy’s books because I am able to get pages upon pages of notes from just a single chapter of his stuff.

This guy is truly talented, and all of the big boys that I look up to in the online marketing world are members of his newsletter and learn their copywriting skills from this man.

If you want to see a recent interview of him by Mike Koenings, another online Internet marketer and rockstar, then check it out right here.

The original No BS book featured in this video clip is one of my original four reads of the series.  I’m telling you my friends…if you haven’t read any Dan Kennedy, then make sure that you do it now.

But if you have had the pleasure of reading any of Kennedy’s No BS books, then please let me know which ones in the comments section below.

This could make for some great conversation on this topic.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  If you need some extra cash in order to pick up one of Dan Kennedy’s books, then this system will teach you how right now.