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Just Finished Randy Gage’s “Risky Is The New Safe” – Simply Amazing | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Just Finished Randy Gage’s “Risky Is The New Safe” – Simply Amazing

Yes, you might have caught my initial review of Randy Gage’s “Risky Is The New Safe”, and if you haven’t, I suggest reading that post first.  But tonight, I just finished the book.

And all I can say is…phenomenal.  The book is simply phenomenal.

I did touch on a lot of it in my initial review, but the entire take home point from the book was done in about the last 7 pages or so.

Throughout most of the book, Gage talks about nothing but really doom and gloom (and he even admits it)…

–  The world economies are likely going to implode

–  How our government financial system is arguably a certifiable Ponzi scheme

–  Why millions of people are going to lose their jobs due to technology and cheaper processes (mainly the use of animals coming more and more in to play)

But the BIG take home here, which I have touched on in my last post and is glaringly apparent to people with a wealthy mindset….

All of this “doom and gloom” will provide the largest opportunity to grow your wealth in the history of our lives.

But it won’t be easy.

You will likely encounter ridicule, massive obstacles, and people telling you that you can’t do it.

Now, to poverty stricken mindset individuals, they will crumble.  They will be stuck working a J-O-B, staying in their Just Over Broke life.

But for those prepared for the struggle and know that it is coming, you will be able to take in the negativity and objectively remove it from you mind.

Your value in this world will exponentially explode, and you will be rewarded handsomely financially.

When everyone else is zigging, you need to be zagging.

So, in closing, I highly suggest reading “Risky Is The New Safe.”  These are just my initial thoughts and my brief review of what he has to offer.

One things if for sure….I look around at all the other wealthy people that I know in my life, and they have all already read this book.

How is the possible?

Because they put amazingly positive and successful thoughts into their brain daily.  Gage’s most recent book is one of those amazingly awesome pieces of positivity that they can put into their dome.

I hope that you enjoyed this review.

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Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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