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I’m A Marketer, Therefore I Market | Dr. Timothy Lawler

I’m A Marketer, Therefore I Market

Tonight, I watched an absolute rockstar training video by Tony Rush.  Now, I didn’t know this, but apparently Tony has been a big name in the home business industry for quite some time.  I have never come across him in the past, but I’m glad that he is part of the Empower Network leadership.

But what he talked about was profound.

He gave a story about one of his friends, who gets up and runs every single day.  And what she said to him was, “Tony, I get up and run every day, no matter if it’s cold, raining, too hot, etc…..because I’m a runner, NOT because I have to run.”

Now I want you to stop and think about that for a second.

She is basically saying that running is part of her inner being, part of her soul.  It is not a chore for her.

It is what she is….she’s a runner.

And for me and hundreds of others that take their online marketing business seriously, it’s the same with marketing.

“I am a marketer, therefore I market.”

I don’t come home after seeing patients during the day, dreading to type on my computer at night.

No, not at all.

After doing this for over 6 years, it is part of me.

I am a marketer, therefore I market.

Learning new techniques and growing as an online marketer is just what I do.

While everyone else on the outside just criticizes without knowing a damn thing about this “blogging stuff” I do….while at the same time complaining about their own lives…sitting there, crumbling from their own insecurity, their own financial problems….

I just smile and move right along, making more and more money with each blog post that I write.

The point is…you might not know what it is that you are passionate about right now, and that’s ok.

But if you really want to do this online marketing/home business industry thing, then you have to make a decision that you are going to become a marketer.

Just like F-18 pilots have to make a decision early in their flight career that they want to fly jets, knowing that there is going to be constant studying, training events, and scrutiny of their performance….

They are pilots. It’s who they are.

Make the decision to be a marketer or a business owner.

Don’t’ dilly dally.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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