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Empower Network 15K Formula Gives Some Smoking Hot Tips | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Empower Network 15K Formula Gives Some Smoking Hot Tips

Yes, Empower Network’s 15K Formula course does give some unbelievable content.  As I type this post, they are undergoing some of the material in the 2.0 version.  They originally made the course about one year ago, but they have decided to re-do it to give even more value.

And all I can say is…HOLY SMOKES!

The Empower Network 15K Formula knows how to deliver the goods!

One of the tips that David Wood talks about is shooting video with a camera that allows you to directly upload your stuff to YouTube.

Now, I have been shooting videos for years, but this advice has absolutely changed my blogging forever.


Because of how much time it saves.

The above video, no matter how crappy or pointless it is, was done in 5 minutes.  Yeah, only 5 minutes guys!

I have NEVER shot a video and got it published that fast.  Ever.

Usually, I use my Flip camera, upload it to Camtasia, and then spend 30-40  minutes doing basic editing.  And yes, I will continue to do this method from time to time, but guess what…

I’m now going to be using my iPhone, just as I did above, to shoot a much larger portion of my content.  I am limited by time as it is, and this just helped me make a huge breakthrough.

I freakin’ love the value Empower Network offers to my online marketing efforts.

It truly is a badass company.

If you aren’t part of it yet, just get in.   It’s only $25.

Stop fooling around and wondering if it is worth it.

Yeah, I’m talking even if you have never done online marketing in your life.  This company will teach you how to do it, and allow you to make significantly more income than you have made in your previous jobs put together.

Leave your comments below, especially if you are now shooting videos like this.  I would love to know your thoughts.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  No, I’m not kidding.  Enter your email here, watch the video to learn more, and get started today.