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The Words Of Jim Rickards Could Not Be More True | Dr. Timothy Lawler

The Words Of Jim Rickards On The Fiscal Cliff Could Not Be More True

Have you ever heard of Jim Rickards?  Well I have, and in my mind, he is a rockstar.  He authored the book “Currency Wars”, and it is one of my main teaching tools that I give to others looking to learn more about investing in precious metals, particularly gold and silver.  You can get it from Amazon below for less than $11.

But moving on.

So I was browsing Yahoo Finance, a decent place to get financial news, as I do most days of the week, and I saw Rickards’s name.  (I say decent because it is just “news”, NOT financial advice.  I also say decent because every once in awhile they will get a true scholar on, such as James Rickards, to give a little insight as to what is occurring with our crazy economy – and not just publish crap to scare the general public that has no clue what is happening.)

In the piece above, he was commenting on the big “Fiscal Cliff”, which will be the end of our financial world as we know it!


No, not really.  And Rickards puts it bluntly about what will likely happen.

(He) ultimately expects Congress and the White House to reach a broad agreement before year-end that allows them to freeze tax rates, maintain spending with a continuing resolution and stop the clock on December 31. Then a final agreement will be reached by late January when the president delivers his State of the Union address.  Read more here.

I thought it was clever that he also threw out…

…Republicans, who have so far opposed any tax increases, will eventually agree to higher taxes for the wealthy. “They’ve learned their lesson” from being bashed continually on their recent position, he says.  Read more here.

Point is, James Rickards is a very intelligent individual, and he has the resume to back it up.   This is a guy that I listen to, and it was awesome to see him featured on Yahoo Finance.

I would love to get your thoughts on this matter, and/or “Currency Wars” if you have read it.   If not, read it, and then contact me.  I love talking about this stuff.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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