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My Boy Robbie Fogarty And What Dear World Has To Offer To Our Lives | Dr. Timothy Lawler

My Boy Robbie Fogarty And What Dear World Has To Offer To Our Lives

Yeah, there is only one word that comes to mind when I think about my old buddy from college Rob Fogarty…..badass!

What this guy has done and become is simply freakin’ awesome.

About Rob Fogarty…

He is a simple Nebraska boy from Omaha who started out at Rockhurst University (which is where we became friends), and then he moved on up to the University of Oregon, where he graduated from.   Shortly thereafter, he rolled on down to “Nawlins” after Katrina had devastated the city.  This moved him in more ways than he could ever imagine so he started a non-profit organization called Evacuteer.org, which helps make a more streamlined process for the masses to exit the city in times of disasters.

Rob Fogarty and Dear World

But this is where his story really starts to get good.

The man then starts to shoot some pictures a few years back.

You can see his story below in the video, but what you guys have to understand…he starts to shoot some damn good pictures.

These aren’t your typical photos ladies and gents.

These are photos that have years of stories behind them.

These are photos of individuals that have been through hell and back.

These are photos of celebrities trying to reach out to the masses to let others know hope is possible.

These are photos that inspire you.

 These are photos that move you.

In the last conversation that I had with Robbie (it’s what I call him), I asked him what “Dear World” (the formal business he has now shooting these awesome pics) is all about.   He had let me know that he is kind of like a mini Tony Robbins, going around taking these shots and speaking to large crowds.

But after seeing what Dear World has become…

I say no Rob…you aren’t a Tony Robbins.

You are a Robert Fogarty, and what you do is changing people’s lives.

This is why I love entrepreneurship my friends

This is why sharing a passion, such as Rob does through his journalistic photos and speeches, can be a good thing, while being a win-win for everyone involved.

Dear World is Rob’s for profit business, and everybody wants him to come shoot their story.  Literally.

That is why I love blogging.  I am able to share cool things with the world while helping others make money doing the same thing.

It’s a win-win.

Come join me and Rob in entrepreneurship.

This is what I suggest to others to help unleash their own inner badass.  Just simply enter your email on the page, watch the video, and get started.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler