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If It’s Not Fun, Then Don’t Do It! | Dr. Timothy Lawler

If It’s Not Fun, Then Don’t Do It!

Tonight guys, I’m just going to throw out a little advice….if your home business is not fun, then why in the hell are you doing it?

That goes for ANYONE in the home business industry….that means general Internet marketers, network marketers, affiliate marketers, direct sales type people, top tier individuals, etc, etc.

If you are just dreading that you have to come home and write a blog post, or talk to a person on the phone, or host another meeting, or do any type of work in general to make yourself better, then I’ll ask you again….

Why in the hell are you doing it?!?!

Personally, I seriously love Internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

I love doing it.

I love teaching others how to do it.

I love seeing others go through the struggle.

I love seeing others get on the other side of the struggle and break through to get massive results and cashflow into their bank accounts.

For me, that is why I love blogging and lead generation.  It is online marketing at its core, and you know what…there are no home meetings…there are no people telling you it’s a scam….there are no people giving you the finger to your face.

Their vote is whether or not they buy give me their email address on one of my capture pages.

Their vote is whether or not they buy the products and services that I offer to help better their lives.

For others, they love just pounding the phone all day or having that home meeting.  And for them, that’s ok.  They market that route because they likely enjoy it.

But here is the bottom line my friends…if you don’t enjoy what you are doing with your business, then you will eventually quit 100% of the time. Guaranteed.

You will then be pissed off, disgruntled, and say “it doesn’t work”…or “it’s all a scam”.

No, to the contrary my friend.

You didn’t work.  You didn’t put in any effort.  You scammed yourself into thinking that it was easy money. 

This industry does not offer that.

However, it does offer you latitude and leverage if you decide to put in the work, but it definitely does not offer easy money.

I love what I do with my Internet marketing and other businesses. 

If you don’t, then seriously quit now, and stop wasting your hard earned money and time.

Otherwise, if you are willing to give it 110% and want to succeed, then I, and many others, are here to help.

I show others how to use this system because it is the best that I have seen in my 6+yrs doing online marketing.   No joke.  It’s the one stop shop.

So if you want to learn from me, please continue to stop by my blog and contribute to my posts.  Or you can simply enter your email address here, watch the video, and then get started on my team.

Or, if you enjoy another leader’s teachings, then please go connect with him or her.

I just want you to enjoy what you are doing.  If you aren’t, then just stop.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler