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Awesome Hot Tub Pic – This Is What Keeps Me Going | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Awesome Hot Tub Pic – This Is What Keeps Me Going

Awesome Hot Tub Pic

Yeah, you should definitely check out this hot tub.  I will have something like this one day.  I promise you this my friend.  But personally, I’m not a hot-tub-inside-the-house-next-to-the-fire type of guy.

I’m more of a sweet-ass-pool-with-the-hot-tub-overflowing-into-it type of guy like J Budd has at his house.  (Watch the first two minutes and the last two minutes of the video, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.   And yeah, this house is in San Diego for all my local Diego peeps out there.)

I’ve talked about J Budd’s house in a previous post by the way, but my friends, you must be getting these images in your head.


Because they are what you need to strive for as a business owner.

You see, if you are coming across this post, it likely means that you are an entrepreneur.  Or, if you aren’t an entrepreneur, then you are getting a first-hand look at the type of life style entrepreneurs live.

I hate to say it, but you will not be able to have this type of hot tub or pool unless you decide to take a step outside of the box and commit to making it happen as an entrepreneur.

No job will ever allow you to make enough money to have this type of lifestyle, and I don’t care what job you have.  The only job that I say could come close would be a cardio-thoracic surgeon or neurosurgeon because they make upwards of $800k to $1 million per year, but they are on call almost 24/7 so they won’t be able to even use the hot tub or pool.

Sucks for them I guess.

So what else is out there?

The cool thing is that the Internet has opened up this phenomenal world to creating very nice incomes online, even if you have never done it before.  It gives those that are too scared to be an entrepreneur at first, or think it is too “risky”…….to do it safely, letting them go part time at first if they so choose.

No need to take out hundreds of thousands in loans to start a franchise or a few million to get enough inventory to have your own “mom and pop shop.”


Let’s try $25.  That’s it.

Or at most, a few hundred dollars depending on what you want to do.

Point is, it can be done on the cheap, and it is what I teach others to do.  It is what thousands of people do every day online.   It is how I have generated $525 in a single day outside of my job as a physician.

Most people that are used to having a job think that these type of results aren’t possible, or that it must be illegal to make this kind of money off an hour’s worth of work per day.

No….to the contrary my friend.   It’s just that they have no experience with entrepreneurism.  Pretty much all entrepreneurs know that this type of income is standard.   That is why we thrive.  This is what we live for.

People who search for and live in the traps of a J-O-B do not create large sums of wealth for themselves.  They might live comfortable lives, making a solid six figure income or so, and that’s great.

But they don’t have hot tubs sitting next fires in their house.

We entrepreneurs do.

Don’t limit yourself in what you want from life.  Force yourself to be better.   Go for the big dreams.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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