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Are Home Based Business Mentors Necessary? | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Are Home Based Business Mentors Necessary?

home based business mentorsDo you think home based business mentors are necessary?  Well, you’re probably coming across this post because you are doing that research as we speak, and that’s ok.  But it’s a question that many people don’t ask, EVER, so I applaud you on actually having it come across your mind.

But seriously, are home based business mentors necessary?

In my opinion, there is no question….


If you don’t have a “home based business mentor”, then you really aren’t serious about making money from home.  Plain and simple.

Home based business mentors have failed more than you can ever imagine…

Which is why they are the best to learn from.  They have been there and done that.

Chances are you are having a tough time with a certain aspect of your business, such as copywriting, writing emails, prospecting, blogging, solo ads, pay per click ads, Facebook marketing, YouTube videos, video marketing in general, etc, etc.  (I really could keep typing pages here).

And guess what….there is a 99.9% chance that many of the big time leaders have been there, and struggled with the exact same issue that you are having right now.

So why do you just sit there, sulking at your house, wondering why you are stuck?!

Get out and find a home based business mentor!

They will be able to coach you, keep you accountable, and emulate the success that you need in your life.

And you don’t have to have a personal contact with your home based business mentor, but I HIGHLY suggest trying to get that personal contact ASAP.  What do I mean?

I’m talking about actually speaking with the person and developing a business/coachable/friendly relationship with that person.  Again, you eventually need to do this to really take your stuff to the next level, but if they are extremely successful, you may not be able to get a conversation with them at first.

But that’s what I’m talking about…you don’t need to initially.  You just need to make sure that person is someone that you enjoy learning from.  That is the beauty of you CHOOSING your mentor.  If one of the leader’s marketing strategies doesn’t sit well with you, then don’t pick them as your mentor.

Instead, get around those that you enjoy learning from, copy their marketing styles, get some success in order to get their attention, and then build on that personal/coachable relationship.

That is how you properly attain and use a home based business mentor.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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