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African Whiz Kid Gets Invited To M.I.T. | Dr. Timothy Lawler

African Whiz Kid Gets Invited To M.I.T.

Yes, people do truly inspire me, especially when they are a 15 yr old whiz kids from Africa, who gets invited to M.I.T.   Oh, and he happens to be the youngest person ever to be invited to the “Visiting Practitioner’s Program” put on by the university.

Meet Kelvin Doe.

He lives in Sierra Leone, and his town only gets light for one week per month.

Well, that was until it had Kelvin born into it.

You see, Kelvin is an engineering genius.  He started to get discovered because he made a battery from parts of electronics that he found in a garbage can.  And then he made others things, like a radio.  And then a radio transmitter.  And then a radio station.

Yes, “DJ Focus”, as he calls himself, has his own radio show.  At the age of 15.  At a place that only gets light one week per month.

This is truly an inspiring story, and it is no wonder why places like M.I.T, Harvard, Yale, etc get the best and the brightest.  It’s because they know what’s important in life…

And that is education.  

They are the beacons of light when it comes to the ideal educational institutions.

They attract individuals such as Kelvin.  And guess what…Kelvin will likely end up at M.I.T. or Harvard or Yale or some other Ivy League school.

In business, it is no different.  You want to become the M.I.T. that everyone wants to attend.  How do you do that?

By searching out the Kelvins, or better yet, being so damn valuable that the Kelvin’s in this world search for you.

Or check out Tanishq, another prodigy.  This dude was accepted into Mensa at 4yrs old.  Yeah, I just said Mensa.  You know, that society for geniuses.

These kids are super smart and special individuals.  Nobody will question that, but guess what…you are a super smart and special individual too.   Even if you don’t believe it, you have something great to give to this world.

I teach others how to express themselves via blogging.  (This is the blogging platform that I suggest for people just starting out.  Simply enter your email and watch the video to learn more.)

Or maybe you might feel better making videos.  Or maybe you like personal one on one meetings and mentoring sessions.

Point is, you have so much to offer this world from your experiences, thoughts, and life that it isn’t even funny.  Please know that you are just as cool and interesting as Kelvin and Tanishq.

This world wouldn’t be the same without you.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  Most people that I encounter don’t think that they can attain large financial goals because they have never done it before.  If you aren’t inspired to reach for your goals after seeing these two boys, then you will never be.  Decide right now that you are going to attain your financial goals.  This system will show you how to release your inner badass in order to do so.