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3 Tricks To Get People To Click On Your PPC Ad | Dr. Timothy Lawler

3 Tricks To Get People To Click On Your PPC Ad

For anyone coming across this post, you might think that Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is dead if you own a home based business.  However, I’m telling you that is not correct, and if you get around some of the best that teach this stuff, then you will be able to get phenomenal results.

But I’m not here to talk about that tonight.  I want to help you get results fast from your PPC ad itself.

Therefore, if you are running PPC ads or are thinking about running PPC ads, then I’m about to throw down 3 tricks to get people to click on your PPC ad.

But before I do, please know that these are just general guidelines.  PPC advertising is truly a science and an art, and I cannot stress enough the importance of learning from a reputable source.  If you want names of some top performers, feel free to shoot me an email at timothy.m.lawler@gmail.com, and I will be glad to point you in the right direction.

Without further delay, here we go…

#1.  Be Funny

If you know PPC ads, there isn’t a ton of room to work with.  Therefore, no matter which approach that you take, you need to get the person’s attention by standing out from all the other ads on the page very quickly.

One of the best ways to do this is with humor.  If everyone else is just throwing out the same old boring lines, such as “X Company Review” or “looking for x company?”, you need to stand out.

Throwing out a pattern interrupt or being extremely off the wall usually does the trick.  For instance, something like, “Learn How This Bald Headed, Crazy Asian Made $100K Without Any Arms….” or something like that will likely get the job done.

Point is… be way out in left field with the headline.

#2.  Get Inside Their Mind

You really should be doing this anyways because it is the point of PPC and other paid advertising, but I’m talking about REALLY getting inside of their mind,  especially searching for their pain.  For instance, “You just got laid off last week, didn’t you?”

Now of course, you will not be hitting the majority of people seeing the ad, but you might strike right to the heart of a select few.  And if you do this, aka touch a nerve with these people, then you will win their vote with a click.

Think about the pain that people are feeling and go right for it in a super specific way.

#3.  Use Eye Catching Standout Words

This is an age old technique, but it still works today.  I’m talking about using very sharp and attention getting words, such as “Warning!” or “Attention!”.  Whether you try to resist or not, your eyes will naturally gravitate towards these words/phrases, and it at least gives you a head start when someone’s eyes are perusing the other PPC ads.

Alright my friends, I hope that these 3 tricks on how to get people to click on your PPC ad helped.  If you have any other ones, please feel free to put them below in the comments section.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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