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Why Attend MLM Events? | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Why Attend MLM Events?

MLM eventsDo you attend MLM events?  No seriously, if you are a network marketing or affiliate marketing professional, do you attend the events?

If you don’t, then you just aren’t treating your business as a business.  That is the plain truth.

“Oh Tim, you’re such an ass!”

Naw…well, maybe, but I will tell you some experiences of mine personally.

When you see people that go from making $7K per month to $47k per month within the 30 days following the event, this is hard fact.

When you make new business partners that allow you to do joint ventures and make an extra $10k per month, this is hard fact.

When you develop some of the best friendships that you have ever had in your entire life from 3 days together, this is hard fact.

Who’s fact?  Well, these are the facts that I have either experienced or personally know of others experiencing.

This is why attending MLM events is crucial!

It is almost as if “MLM events” have this mysterious cloud around them that just breeds success.

How does it happen?  Well, I heard this on a call today from Lawrence Tam (same one that I was continuing from yesterday), and this pretty much makes sense.

You have to first have belief –> belief will cause action –> enough action causes momentum –> momentum causes results –> and coming full circle, these results will further solidify the belief.

Therefore, MLM events get this 4 stage chain of events in motion, and the first step is BELIEF!

In my opinion, belief is either strengthened at MLM events or ignited.  One or the other.

And then the entire chain of events can get rocking.  But if you can’t even get it rocking from the beginning, then there is no point.   You are destined to fail.

Take away here is get to MLM events.

You will then get the results that you have been looking for.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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