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What Do You Read Every Day? | Dr. Timothy Lawler

What Do You Read Every Day?

No seriously, what do you read every day?  I have been really trying to hammer this home to my team lately.  You need to read every day in order to better yourself in your business.

I will also throw out the caveat that you could watch some type of course video or video content in place of reading if you wish.   But the point is, you need to be advancing your knowledge every single day.

For me, I am just knee deep in the Costa Rica Master’s Retreat course that Empower Network offers, and what I am learning in each video is just blowing me away.  The really amazing thing about that series is that it has the top of the top leaders letting you know that they are real people.  That weren’t all super wealthy instantly.  They all struggled, and it gives you (well at least me) the chance to relate.

For instance, David Wood dives into his story, about how he was a homeless man, living in a van and then made it to riches.  But that’s not what I’m talking about because we all know that story already.  That is the story he tells over and over again to market himself.

I’m talking about how he made his first $12,000 through a webinar, which was his big breakthrough moment in his online marketing career.

Or what about Justin V who was only making a few thousand per month, hits up the first live event down in Hotlatnta (really Atlanta), and then makes $42,000 the very next month.

Literally everyone tells their story on this series.  It is incredible to hear and learn from.

But that’s not all I’m doing at this moment.

I’m also reading a book by the legend Dan Kennedy.

If you haven’t picked up any of his “No B.S.” series of books, then stop what you are doing right now and go pick one up.  The man is a legend for a reason, and his content is GOLD!

Alright my friends….this is what I’m doing at this very moment for educational materials.  I want to know what you are doing.

Leave your favorite educational books that have helped you grow in your business below.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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