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Starting At Zero, You Can Only Go Up | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Starting At Zero, You Can Only Go Up

Yes, this is true.  David Wood just made this point on one of the fantastic videos within the Costa Rica Master’s Retreat course that I’m currently going through, and it is a phenomenal one.

See this is the thing…what most people hate or get pissed off at is that they aren’t making $10,000+ per month instantly.  They think that if they join a system or start a business that they will instantly be making 10K per month.

Why in the hell do they think this?!?!

No seriously, why do people that come into the home based business industry have these thoughts in their mind!?

Has anything else in your life told you otherwise?!

“Yes Jim, just put your name and email into this box, and BOOM!  You will have instant riches!”

Come on guys…you know better than this.

This super kick-ass industry of home based business professionals takes an incredible amount of hard work, but what IS different…is that it is much more LEVERAGED than other traditional businesses.

And leveraged is a word that you hear a lot, but people don’t ever talk about what that really means.

By having a business leveraged, it means that you get exponentially more out from the hours than you put into your work.

For instance, at a traditional job, you get, say $20/hour.  You work 10hrs in a day…that is only $200 before taxes that you just made during that time period.  That’s it.  You will not make more.

But with the home business industry, especially with online marketing, you may work the same 10hrs in a given day.  But instead, the work that you put into that 10hrs may pay you over and over again…actually giving you $200 sales/commissions time after time.  So instead of just $200 in that 10hr time frame..it will give you $2,000…or maybe even more.

Does this make sense?

Ultimate point here is guys…you will have 10hr days while working your business.  No doubt about it.  You will work many hours towards making money from home.  I promise you this, especially in the beginning.

BUT, you have the ability to get a much larger return on your time.  That is what being leveraged is all about.

And coming full circle from the original title of this post….being at zero is a beautiful thing because you can only go up.  You have nothing to lose, especially when starting out with the Empower Network because they teach you everything from scratch.

If you aren’t in yet, then you need to do so immediately.  It will give you the cash that you need to get rocking with your business.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler