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Lawrence Tam’s The Man! | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Lawrence Tam’s The Man!

So I was going on my run on this hot, humid day where I’m currently at with my unit, and I decided to listen to the latest Empower Network weekly call during the jog.   Lawrence Tam was hosting it, and if you have been in and/or around the industry over the past 1-2 years, then you have likely heard of Lawrence Tam.

He is a rockstar in his own right and killing it in this industry.  He also happens to be the highest all time income earner with Empower as of the time of this writing.

But here is the thing…I have heard Lawrence a few times on calls over the past year, but I just never really connected with him.  Believe it or not, if I should connect with anyone, it really should be him.  He and I both come from similar professional backgrounds, and we really do love this Internet marketing stuff.

But again, I just never really connected with Lawrence….until today.

This was his actual first real call that he has actually hosted.  He has been on as a guest several times, but he hosted this one…and it absolutely blew me away.

He hit so many of the very important wickets that you usually need to hit, but there was one comment that resonated with me the most…

Have people join Empower Network and get “all in”, not because they will earn really badass commissions and incomes….but because they want to learn the education needed to be the best in the industry…

When I heard that, I almost stopped my run to take a second.

Let me say the jist of that again…

People need to join Empower Network because this is where the education is.   This is where people will learn how to change their mindset.  This is where they will learn the step-by-step, “how to” process of Internet marketing.   This is where people learn what it takes to change their lives.


This is where you get to listen to people like Lawrence Tam, learn from them, and have them help you get breakthrough days in your business.

Lawrence Tam IS the man, but he is just one of the many badass leaders associated with this company.

Get started right now.

Quit fooling around.

Learn from people like Lawrence and start changing your life today.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler