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Jordan Essentials: Bringing the Spa Experience to Every Home | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Jordan Essentials: Bringing the Spa Experience to Every Home

With expensive spa services these days, having the spa experience in your own homes is a dream of many. However, with the high price of spa products sold in the market, it is hard to afford your own mini spa.

Jordan Essentials see this as a good opportunity to take the lead in the marketing of spa products. As they offer plush spa essentials at very affordable prices, you can now easily relax with authentic spa ambience and treatment.

And since “Jordan Essentials” is an exclusive brand to direct selling, you can also earn extra income by being their sales agent, also known as consultant.

There are so many ways to gain profit with the help of Jordan Essentials.

First, by purchasing their products, you can establish your spa services and treatment business without having to collect big capital. You can establish it as a full business or as a home-based business that will cater to home servicing. With high-quality Jordan Essentials products, you can never go wrong with this business.

Formerly known as Country Bunny Bath and Body, you can choose from their best sellers of lotions, massage creams, and scrubs, among others.

If you want to experience the spa treatment all to yourself but still want to earn extra income, then you can join Jordan Essentials as a consultant. Aside from the financial success you can get, you will also be entitled to perks and other non-monetary benefits.

Earn up to 35% of commissions, and you don’t have to purchase in wholesale like what many companies will ask you to do. Unlike most direct selling companies, Jordan Essentials pose no monthly quota so you have the absolute freedom in choosing the level of participation you want.

What’s really interesting with Jordan Essentials is that it sponsors an event twice a year per consultant. This is perfect if you want to start a seminar and collect more customers and referrals in the process.

And although there are no quotas with Jordan Essentials, you can have travel benefits and cash incentives for achieved levels of sales.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  If you want to learn how to really ramp up your income and not just earn 35% commissions as with a Jordan Essentials business, then check out this simple little system.