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How To Work That Hour Per Day For Your Home Based Business | Dr. Timothy Lawler

How To Work That Hour Per Day For Your Home Based Business

Now I know what you’re thinking….do I really need to be told about how to work an hour per day for my home based business?  And the answer is YES!

Most people are just plain lazy.

Or, they are working their butt off at their typical day job, barely making ends meet.

In either case, no action gets done toward moving their home business forward.

Inaction is the absolute death of your home business, and I want to put an end to that today.

For most people, they have heard at some time in their life that “all you need to do is work your business one hour per day, and you will be rich.”

Well, this is crap.

You could work it only one hour per day, and you could get rich by doing this.  But starting out initially…most people will need to work MORE than one hour per day, and I don’t mean much more.  We are talking more like only two or three hours tops, and once you start to get into a flow, you can cut back to one hour.

But again, if you only have one hour, doing something (like making a daily blog post) is better than nothing.

So whether you are a lazy dude or just work your can off until sheer exhaustion, I promise you that you can find at least one hour per day to move your business forward.

For starters, the most common time that people start to rely on is in the evening.  They usually get done with work, and they try to sit down at the computer to “get rockin’.”

However, there tends to be a problem with this….#1. Most people are completely exhausted and aren’t willing to do anything at this time (like, not even write a post) #2.  Someone else or something else pulls them in a different direction, aka takes up their precious hour in the evening, again leading to nothing being done for their home business.

Two ways to combat these problems.  The first is to suck it up, make your business a priority, and quit screwing around.  If you are sick and tired about being sick and tired…then you will make sure you write that blog post in the evening time no matter how exhausted you are…or you will make that prospecting call to a lead that just came across your desk….or you will write that copy on your sales page.

Point is…nobody is going to do this stuff for you so make sure that you just do it.

The second way is to shift the hour during a different part of your day.

For instance, when I first started to blog, the exhaustion piece was playing a huge factor in me not writing each day.  Therefore, I decided to get up early in the morning to do my writing.  It ended up that my mind was fresh and ready to produce some good content, and I was able to write faster.

Other friends of mine have decided to make their lunch break their power hour.  They either knocked out prospecting calls or made blog posts around that time.

Overall, everyone has 24hrs in a day to use.  If you aren’t using at least one hour per day to advance your business, then you are wrong.  Or, you just honestly don’t care about changing your financial life.

Either way, it’s your call.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  If you want that hour per day to really count, then you need to check out this simple little system.