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daptogenix: The Way to a Healthier and Richer Life | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Adaptogenix: The Way to a Healthier and Richer Life

People are getting health conscious and almost everybody is now into dietary supplements. Hundreds of brands and dozens of so-called super foods and powerful ingredients are being marketed to help certain health conditions or just give overall well-being.

One new brand to join the race with a good chance of winning is Adaptogenix, a manufacturer and distributor of dietary supplements and beverages with herbal extracts as base ingredients.

Since their launching in March 2011 and subsequent acquirement of Youngevity in August of the same year, a well-known distributor of vitamin and mineral supplements, aromatherapy-based items and other nutriceuticals in the US, Adaptogenix has already helped thousands of Americans wanting to live their lives to the fullest.

Adaptogenix boasts two top products that are developed based on adaptogen science: Renu IQ and Tazza de Vita.  Renu IQ is a liquid vitamin optimized by a mixture of necessary vitamins, adaptogens, and resveratrol, currently known as one of the most powerful and promising antioxidants and compounds.

This product of Adaptogenix is said to fight ageing effectively and some studies suggest that it can kill carcinogenic compounds in the body, a compound which causes health cells to turn cancerous.

Tazza de Vita, another supplement that Adaptogenix is truly proud of, is a combination of several types of adaptogens and organic coffee. Being an already potent antioxidant, coffee’s nutritional properties are even enhanced to optimize health of consumers.

Together, the two products aim to build a stronger body resistance to fight fatigue and other diseases, and heal weakening cells in the body.

As a business, Adaptogenix is also a wonderful opportunity to make money as the company is open to distributorship. Their marketing system even applied network marketing to keep the revenues increasing just by referring other distributors.

To be a member of Adaptogenix, one should only sign-up with an already existing distributor and refer others who will help introduce the aforementioned products to more people in need. Income will be unlimited as you also get three distributors under your marketing bracket.

Adaptogenix is certainly the ultimate way to live a healthier and richer life.  You will not be sorry.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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