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7 Low-Cost Places to Find Real MLM Prospects | Dr. Timothy Lawler

7 Low-Cost Places to Find Real MLM Prospects

Hello my friends….

As you know, I enjoy learning from the best leaders in the industry.  Tim Sales is literally an icon, and this most recent post on his blog is absolute money.    Enjoy!


We get this question A LOT – “Where do I find prospects without spending a fortune?” In today’s Kick Start, I’m going to share 7 low-cost places to find real prospects for your business. I hope this helps you get some new ideas and new customers and team members. Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

It’s one of our most frequent questions – “Where do I find prospects without spending a fortune?”

So, I went back through my past training and talked with my team. Here’s our list of 7 low-cost places to find prospects.

  1. The Jobs Section of Craigslist – This is an effective place to find prospects looking for work-at-home jobs, but you must be careful with how you write your ads. You know I don’t propose being dishonest at any time in this business. But you will need to work within the terms and conditions of Craigslist. One of the best ways to get ideas for Craigslist is to look at the ads as if you were looking for an opportunity. I recommend you review the newspaper classified promotion section of Professional Inviter for tips on how to handle this. It’s on Disc 7. Look for more training from me on this topic in our November newsletters.
  2. Facebook – You can search Facebook for groups focused on everything from nutrition to stay-at-home moms. The rule here is to be in the group as a member of the community first and a network marketer second. You must make real connections and be interested in people before inviting – or it won’t work.
  3. LinkedIn – Similar to Facebook, you may find groups focused on a topic related to your business – such as health professionals or entrepreneurs. Get involved in the group first and then start to make connections. Build rapport and a relationship. Don’t send blind InMails (LinkedIn’s messaging system) or ask people to join your network without getting to know something about them first. Also, always look for a shared connection. LinkedIn has some great tools for getting introduced and networking that we’ll outline in some upcoming training in November.
  4. Twitter – It’s often called an online cocktail party, but if you look beyond the self-promotion and use Twitter in the interest of helping others, you may find some quality prospects. Getting to know the search features of Twitter can help you find opportunities to help people and make connections. Look for some training in November on this.
  5. Online forums – Forums or online communities can help you make real connections with people. As with the sources above, you should focus on getting to know people in the community and make a valuable contribution to the group/forum. Answer questions, offer value and be there for the interest first, invite second.  How do you find forums to take part in?  Easy!  Just do an online search for the forum topic you’re interested in plus the word “forum.”  For example, let’s say you sell an anti-aging supplement and you’d like to connect with people who might be prime prospects for your product.  You might do a search for “arthritis forum” or “Baby Boomer forum.”  You’ll find many forums with good quality members and potential prospects this way.
  6. In-person networking events – Networking is my favorite way to find prospects. You never know where a single conversation will lead you. And there are a number of networking opportunities – no matter where you live. Here are three places to look for opportunities to network: newspaper/biz journal event listings, online event sites such as EventBrite.com and local directories. You may also want to look into professional referral groups such as BNI. There are hundreds of opportunities for you to network – but it is an investment of your time.
  7. Online/offline networking – Jackie Ulmer is a big fan of starting at Meetup.com and finding people and groups with similar interest to network with. The good thing about Meetup is that you can research group members online first and then connect on mutual interests offline. Again, the key here is to contribute value to the group first and get to know your fellow group members as people. Inviting comes after you build a relationship. For more info on this, I recommend you check out Jackie’s new training – “Meetup Magic for Networkers” on how to create warm market leads with Meetup.com.

For the original post, you can find it here: http://www.firstclassmlmtools.com/blog/7-low-cost-places-to-find-mlm-prospects

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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