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$525 Emails Feel Damn Good | Dr. Timothy Lawler

$525 Emails Feel Damn Good

Yeah, they really do.  Today, I just got two emails letting me know “Hey Tim, your income just increased by $525.”  Was this a fluke?  Was I the wrong recipient for these two beautiful pieces of literature?


They were supposed to come to me, and it was honestly a damn good feeling.

You see, I really do enjoy working as a physician.  I love taking care of my patients, helping them stay healthy and active, so that they can do a phenomenal job of serving our awesome country of the United States of America.

But you know what gives me the EXACT same satisfaction, if not more enjoyment, then being given the honor to improve the lives of others from a health standpoint?

Being able to show a father currently on unemployment how he can now earn an extra $200 per month through writing words, which will put food on his table for his family that night.

Or, helping a debt ridden colleague get out from under massive anguish by earning an extra $1000 per month in order to make her med school payment for that month.

Or, showing a school teacher that just got laid off that she can make more money in a month than she made during the previous year by recommending others to this badass system.

Helping others earn money from marketing online seems to be my second calling.

I’m not joking here.

I’m not fooling around.

I’m dead serious.

What I do changes lives.

I know that mine has changed for the better, and it continues to do so because of my goal to help others through teaching them what I know.

To me, I enjoy $525.  It will allow me to have a little fun.

But to others, this could mean the difference between making the house payment or foreclosure…between sending your child to college or having them start the construction job following high school….between putting the food on the table or your children starving.

Yes, there are many people in this world that would kill to have an extra $525 per month…and I just made it in one day with this system.

Stop fooling around with what you are doing.  Join my team.

Check out the video that started it all by simply putting in your email.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler