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3 Reasons Facebook Groups Are Awesome For Business | Dr. Timothy Lawler

3 Reasons Facebook Groups Are Awesome For Business

Yes, I personally think Facebook groups are super awesome for your home based business.


Because the social interaction and masterminding that occurs in those groups is unlike any other….and I’m going to give you my top 3 reasons below here in a minute.  But I want to first tell you about how I got into the whole Facebook group thing in the first place.

As some of you may know of these guys, Ferny Ceballos and Raymond Fong are two of the biggest names in this industry, and they happen to be personal mentors of mine.  Back in July 2011, I was able to attend a mastermind event with them and about 30 other people.  The bonds forged after that event were unlike any other, and I personally see it as my biggest game changer in my business.

And the really cool thing was that a Facebook group was formed after that event that included all 30 of those people…and the amount of questions/solutions/business partners that have come out of that Facebook group will honestly just blow your socks off.  I won’t give you an exact number, but it was a lot.  And it is still alive and well today over one year later.

People have been able to have the experts, such as Ray and Ferny, IN ADDITION to others at the mastermind event, critique their funnels, give them advice for launches, and just help them make a ton of money in general.

That was my introduction to Facebook groups.

And now here are my top 3 reasons why Facebook groups rock!


Now be honest here with yourself….how many times do you visit Facebook throughout the day?  5-10 times AT LEAST I bet.  I know that I do.  But then my next question is…how much time do you just WASTE looking at pics and links that your friends post?  Probably about 90% of that time, right?

Well, imagine if you were to have your Facebook mastermind group smacking you in the face every time that you logged on.  It would be a constant reminder to see if you have done your revenue producing activities for the day, and if you hadn’t, then you better go do it that second.  OR, you could ask a question to the group about something that you needed.  Does this make sense?


Mastermind events usually cost a boat-load of money to attend because they are trying to weed out the people that aren’t serious, AND the gurus that are in attendance need to be compensated appropriately for their time.  Point being, there are some pretty smart people at mastermind events.

And the same goes for Facebook mastermind groups as well.

To dovetail off my comment above, actually USE these groups!

Ask questions, post on other people’s comments, forge lasting connections….


Plus, by participating constantly in the group, these little actions will pay big dividends in the future, I promise (as in, some type of very nice JV or new business startup opportunity if they arise).


One of the best uses of these groups is that they are to be used for announcing a person’s success as well.  When a community of success is developed and published constantly, amazing things happen.  People that are just around it (as in, just participating) seem to catch the “success bug”, and they start to make money.  This in turn makes them pretty damn happy, and the entire group becomes one big bundle of joy.  In short, the groups tend to be a ton of fun, especially when you get to follow your friends’ successes.

Ok guys, I just wanted to let you know the power of masterminding, and how you can do so for free.  It is through a little thing called Facebook groups.  I highly encourage you to start your own this second and begin inviting others that you know to participate.

Before you know it, it will be a huge pot of awesomness!

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  If you want to know how I developed a team of awesomness, it was through this easy, kick-ass system.