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October, 2012 | Dr. Timothy Lawler

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How Empower Network Saved This Dude’s Life – Literally…

Hello my friends,

I come to you this evening after a very long flight back to my current place of being stationed, and it has been a very long 48hrs to say the least.

Regardless, I just came across this post on the Empower Network main blog, and I had to share it with you.

If you do not know, I own the Costa Rica Master’s Retreat course, and it is freakin’ amazing the type of content built into this course.  There are so many damn stories that I can’t even begin to tell them all, but I will let you know about one.

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Just A Little Humor For Tonight

Hey guys…

I’m pretty tired for tonight so I will just leave you with an oldie but goodie YouTube video tonight.  This is hilarious, and even if you have seen this video, I bet that it’s been awhile.
Enjoy it, and if you like it, leave a “hell yeah” comment below, or just “ReTweet” or “Like”.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

Home Business Momentum: Do You Have It?

home business momentumAre you having “home business momentum?”  If you aren’t, then you will want to get there fast.


Because if you aren’t having home business momentum, then it means that you are probably stuck, and you are stuck in a big, big way.   Momentum is what brings results.

As I wrote in a post a few days ago, there was some really enlightening stuff that Lawrence Tam said on an Empower Network call a couple of weeks ago.  I will throw it down right now once again because…

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Jordan Essentials: Bringing the Spa Experience to Every Home

With expensive spa services these days, having the spa experience in your own homes is a dream of many. However, with the high price of spa products sold in the market, it is hard to afford your own mini spa.

Jordan Essentials see this as a good opportunity to take the lead in the marketing of spa products. As they offer plush spa essentials at very affordable prices, you can now easily relax with authentic spa ambience and treatment.

And since “Jordan Essentials” is an exclusive brand to direct selling, you can also earn extra income by being their sales agent, also known as consultant.

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Why Join AMS Health Sciences?

There are a million reasons to look for a lucrative source of income from home. However, it is believing in reasons to join a particular network marketing company that is hard.

Networking scams are prevalent and illegitimate MLM companies have already caused trauma to aspiring home-business owners. Add to this the many fake and inefficient products to sell.

AMS Health Sciences or Advantage Marketing Systems is one company that aims to change that perception about network marketing companies. With loads of world-class products under their belt, AMS Health Sciences is not only a networking company to reckon with, but a top manufacturer of beauty and nutritional products.

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Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots…Everybody!

So yeah, I was rolling out some shots this past week.  Flu shots that is.  It’s that time of year again, and being in the military, it is mandatory that all active duty personal get a flu shot.

And this is where the fun begins because EVERYBODY tries to get out of getting their flu shot.

I mean, these are grown ass men and women who try to make up every excuse in the book to get out of getting their flu shot.

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