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IBOToolBox Review | Dr. Timothy Lawler

IBOToolBox Review

IBOToolBox Review

Looking for an IBOToolBox review?  Well, you will find a decent one here.  I just started using this service as it was recommended to me by a friend/colleague, and then I see a big time SEO guru using it as well.  Therefore, it started to catch my attention so I decided to join and try it.

So here we go…

First off, one of the most promising things is that it is FREE!

I don’t know about you, but I love free.  Now, some things that are free are absolute crap.  This is not one of them…at least not yet in my opinion.

Therefore, to start off this “IBOToolBox Review”, you will get only honesty from me…

With all this said, it is just like any other social media platform, but it is directed at business owners, and by business owners, I mean the majority seem to be home business owners and/or network marketers.

And that is ok… but just know that it is setup with a ton of people trying to just pitch their own products/business.  And that is ok too, but just be aware of it.

HOWEVER, that is one of the best parts of it as well.  It is super laser targeted to business owners (especially home business owners), and if you have products that can benefit this target market, then you will probably benefit from this service.

This is one positive IBOToolBox review point from me.

The next is that they have an actual Pay Per Click (PPC) service built into the site…AND this service CAN be free as well.  I say CAN because there is the more traditional way to actually pay for PPC advertising on the site.

BUT, it is free if you participate within the community via commenting on other’s posts, providing good content via blog posts, and just making the community better overall.    You are awarded credits for participating within the community, and this, in turn, will give you a chance to do more direct advertising through their free PPC avenues….again, targeted at other business owners.

Are you starting to see the flavor of this IBOToolBox review?

It’s not too bad of a service.

I won’t bore you with other details because I think it is just best to try it out for yourself.  I could go on and on, but I’ll hold my tongue.  If you have questions, please leave them below in the comments area, and we’ll go via that route at attacking them.

Otherwise, just go ahead and check out the IBOToolBox right now.

I mean, it’s FREE for crying out loud!

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler