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How To Make $4,050 With Writing | Dr. Timothy Lawler

How To Make $4,050 With Writing

Now I’m not kidding you here guys.  I usually don’t do these types of posts.  Actually, I have never done this type of post before, but today, I just want to be very straight with whoever comes across this content.

Specifically, I’m talking about my financial success from one of my online business ventures.

If you have ever seen my site before, you have probably come across several of my blog posts, in which I refer to the Empower Network.

This is one of my three major businesses that I’m involved with online, but it is the go-to one that I recommend for ANYONE wanting to dabble in earning extra income outside of their primary job or brick and mortar business.  BUT, it will explode any person’s income who is a veteran of business or generally business savvy as well.


Because it is literally the one-stop shop for how to go from never doing any type of online marketing or business ever before to earning money online from day one.   Plain and simple.

Yes, I’m talking about giving you the tools, resources, motivation, and exact steps on how to dominate and make a massive presence in the online world all wrapped up into a nice little package.

Now, will everyone earn money from day one with this system?  Absolutely not.  Will everyone earn some type of income at all? Absolutely not.  And the reason is because I have no clue what type of effort a person will put into their business.  I have seen tons of people get started, not do a damn thing, and then cry because it didn’t work.

But at the same time, I have seen people so motivated to just kill it, so motivated to get some extra income in their pockets each month, that they start to generate cashflow that WAY out paces their current income from their day job.

Ultimately, the choice is yours what to do with this massive gift called the Empower Network.

So getting back to the point, here is what I have done so far.  I have earned $4,050 with this system over the past 9 months.  Some people might be blown away, and others might think it’s chump change.

Either way, I am pretty happy with it, and that stat averages out to $450 per month.

Could you use an extra $450 per month in your life?  I’m sure you could.

And the thing is guys…I really only worked it 3-4 months of the last 9 months that I talk about due to may job as a physician literally keeping me blogging at times.  So if you put that into perspective, I actually made closer to $1,000 per month for my efforts.

And what is the “work”?

That’s the beautiful thing about it….it’s simply writing.  Takes about 30-60 minutes per day.  That’s it.

Would you like to earn an extra $450-$1,000 per month for 30 minutes of work per day?  This is what I’ve done.  You can do it too.

Again, just to cover my bases….this is not an average of what people in Empower Network make.  This is MY AVERAGE.  Some people don’t make a dime.  Others make literally thousands of dollars per month.  It is just effort dependent.

Regardless, you should check it out.  I don’t think that you will be sorry.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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