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Aaron And Sophia Rashkin: True Internet Marketing Rockstars | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Aaron And Sophia Rashkin: True Internet Marketing Rockstars

Yes, you just read it right.  Aaron and Sophia Rashkin (as in both of them together AND individually) are freakin’ Internet marketing rockstars.   I have been fortunate enough to have them both as my mentors for a little over a year, and when you start to get around some of the biggest gurus in the industry, such as these two, then your business starts to take off.

This is what has happened to mine.

I first met them when I joined their team at PROU (aka CarbonCopyPro) a little over a year ago.  It is a solid company, and they are part of the top echelon of leaders within this realm.

But that is not what has impressed me.  It’s the system that they have in place.

You see, whether a person is first starting out in Internet marketing or a semi-veteran, they still tend to suck at a lot of stuff.

For instance, most people, as in 80% in my experience, HATE picking up the phone and talking to prospects.  I personally just don’t get this because the entire reason behind business in general is to serve others, and I don’t know how you can serve them if you don’t talk to them.  But I won’t continue down this rabbit hole.

My point is…they take the hard part out of the learning curve.  They have their business coach call the prospects FOR YOU that get through the first gate of their funnel.

And the cool thing is…the first gate actually pays you.  So yes, THEY have their system kick on, call the paying prospect for you, and help you along the process.

This is just one perk that they offer, and I just wanted to highlight it because it is one that nobody else has in place.  And I mean NOBODY!

Then there is the personal attention that they give you.  So let’s take a step back real fast….

These two have literally hundreds of people on their team.  If you get around other big shots with hundreds and thousands on their team, do you that you will ever speak to those gurus?

I’ll tell you right now.  The answer is “NO”!

But every time that I have emailed and/or called Aaron and Sophia, they have gotten back to me within 24hrs, if not immediately.

And I’m talking about either Aaron or Sophia themselves.  Not some person pretending to be them behind a computer screen.

These guys are true professionals, and they give so much of themselves to their team.

I feel honored to learn from them every day.

And you can too if you want.  Join their team and get the same perks.  Check out what they are offering now.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler