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September, 2012 | Dr. Timothy Lawler

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How To Invest In Precious Metals

how to invest in precious metalsWondering how to invest in precious metals?  Well, it’s really quite simple.  Just buy some.  That’s it.  End of blog post.

“Really Tim?”

Yeah, pretty much.  But most people won’t do it.  They will read what I just wrote and think that it HAS to be more complicated.  They will want to do tons of research, talk with thousands of experts, get the input of those closest to them (those who have never, ever done any type of investing on their own, lol), etc, etc.


They (you) could just buy some precious metals right now.

Ok, ok….I guess there might be one or two more steps IF you want to feel better about putting your money into precious metals, but basically, that is what you do.

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Aaron And Sophia Rashkin: True Internet Marketing Rockstars

Yes, you just read it right.  Aaron and Sophia Rashkin (as in both of them together AND individually) are freakin’ Internet marketing rockstars.   I have been fortunate enough to have them both as my mentors for a little over a year, and when you start to get around some of the biggest gurus in the industry, such as these two, then your business starts to take off.

This is what has happened to mine.

I first met them when I joined their team at PROU (aka CarbonCopyPro) a little over a year ago.  It is a solid company, and they are part of the top echelon of leaders within this realm.

But that is not what has impressed me.  It’s the system that they have in place.

You see, whether a person is first starting out in Internet marketing or a semi-veteran, they still tend to suck at a lot of stuff.

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IBOToolBox Review

IBOToolBox Review

Looking for an IBOToolBox review?  Well, you will find a decent one here.  I just started using this service as it was recommended to me by a friend/colleague, and then I see a big time SEO guru using it as well.  Therefore, it started to catch my attention so I decided to join and try it.

So here we go…

First off, one of the most promising things is that it is FREE!

I don’t know about you, but I love free.  Now, some things that are free are absolute crap.  This is not one of them…at least not yet in my opinion.

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Mike Maloney Was In A Crash

Hey Gang,

As you know, I enjoy sharing with you some of the excellent advisers that I have in my life, and sometimes, I think that I just fluff it all up when I try to paraphrase what they have to say.  Instead, I just give you their exact words, and today is no different.

The following story is from Mike Maloney, the founder of GoldSilver.com and WealthCycles.com, and he is an expert on investing in gold and silver in my eyes (and many others too).  With that said, you HAVE to check out his story below.


A Sunday Drive In My Tesla.

This story is written in 4 parts:

Part 1.   The Car Crash

Part 2.  The Economic Crash

Part 3.  The Cars

Part 4.  Freedom and the Pursuit of Excellence

Part 1.   The Car Crash

On Sunday evening, August 26th, I was in one of the most spectacular car accidents I have ever seen. I was driving my Tesla Roadster at 25-30 MPH on a tree-lined canyon road in the Santa Monica Mountains, about to round a slow blind corner.  When suddenly, out from behind the trees came a speeding car skidding out of control.  The corner was posted at 25 MPH…. the oncoming car was traveling at 50 or 60 MPH.  It crossed the centerline of the road fully into my lane and was heading straight at me.

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Where Do You Get Your Financial Advice?

I get asked this question almost weekly from strangers, acquaintances, friends, and family members.  They can see the passion in my eyes when I get started on the topics of finance, business, and Internet marketing.

They can see that I’m successful with them all.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I used to take what I call the “traditional” way to general finance.

And what do I mean by “traditional finance”?

Well, I’m talking about getting a financial planner, maxing out your Roth and/or 401K, and hoping that by the time you’re 65 years old that you will have enough good health, will power, and mental capacity to enjoy whatever money that you have available to spend at that point in your life.

That is, if the entire stock market hasn’t collapsed, crushing people’s “safe havens” of their mutual funds investments, and/or the entire financial system hasn’t gone down the shitter.

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How To Make $4,050 With Writing

Now I’m not kidding you here guys.  I usually don’t do these types of posts.  Actually, I have never done this type of post before, but today, I just want to be very straight with whoever comes across this content.

Specifically, I’m talking about my financial success from one of my online business ventures.

If you have ever seen my site before, you have probably come across several of my blog posts, in which I refer to the Empower Network.

This is one of my three major businesses that I’m involved with online, but it is the go-to one that I recommend for ANYONE wanting to dabble in earning extra income outside of their primary job or brick and mortar business.  BUT, it will explode any person’s income who is a veteran of business or generally business savvy as well.


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