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Zeek Rewards Affiliates: How You Get Up Will Define You | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Zeek Rewards Affiliates: How You Get Up Will Define You

Yes, you are hearing it straight from my mouth.  How you get up will absolutely define the character of the type of person you are.

Who am I talking about?  Our brothers and sisters of Zeek Rewards.

I don’t care who you are….I have seen everybody and anybody, to include MANY of the “gurus”, attack relentlessly the company and distributors of Zeek Rewards….and then try to quickly swoop down to gobble them up into their own primary company.

“You should have known better.”

“It was obviously a ponzi scheme from the beginning.”

“How stupid could you have been.”

“You’re an idiot….but here is my link if you are still interested in the industry.”

How f&$#ing rude can you be!

That’s how heated I am about the entire scenario, and the way it has fallen out.

I don’t care if the people of Zeek Rewards were newbies, veterans, people just trying it out,  people that might have known something was up but continued on anyways, etc, etc.

Point is….many, many good, genuine, and honest people believed in Zeek Rewards, and they had their lives and dreams crushed in a day.  Again, I’m not going into the what ifs, and the they-should-have-knowns or other things that I believe here.

I’m talking about the fact that people’s lives were changed, and then crushed in a 24hr period.  I’m talking about people’s emotions.  Many, many Zeek Rewards affiliates are absolutely devastated right now…..AND THE LAST THING THEY NEED IS AN I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

Leave them alone, and let them heal.

But I do have a message for the Zeek affiliates out there……

How you get up will define who you are.

Some will probably give up on this industry as a whole.  Many will feel embarrassed and ashamed.  Some will say the entire home based business industry is a sham.  Some will float over to different companies and continue on.  Some will have to go back on unemployment.  The final chapters are endless.

It is truly sad the black eye that Zeek Rewards has placed on this amazing profession known as the home business industry, and we all have the burden to carry because of it.

But just leave the distributors of Zeek alone, and let them be for awhile.  They at least deserve their time to heal.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler