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Home Business Discipline – Do You Have It? | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Home Business Discipline – Do You Have It?

Yes, I’m asking if you have basic home business discipline?  And how will you know?

Well, it’s quite simple actually.  If you are having any type of success, usually shown via income coming to you in your home business, then you have home business discipline.  Otherwise, you probably don’t.

What is “home business discipline?”

In basic layman’s terms, it is just sticking with the everyday tasks that will get you results.  Whether it’s blogging 5-7 days per week, calling prospects every single day, learning a new marketing skill that you can implement, or upselling a person on the next level of product….these are things you should do daily to see results.

When it comes down to it….are you doing revenue producing activities?

Most people are not.  They either jump on board in hopes of quick riches, and they don’t have it happen so they quit.  They aren’t willing to put in the extra work outside of their day jobs because they didn’t realize this home business stuff is work too.

Or, they are scared.  They are scared to pick up the phone to call a prospect, but they aren’t scared of what their situation would be like if they lost their full time job, having no money come in whatsoever.

Or, worse yet and similar to the first point….they are just super lazy.  They know that they have to do daily, simple, possibly even mind-numbing tasks, but they don’t do it.

They simply don’t have the home business discipline!

But if you literally do the basic things….and you have to pick what those things are going to be for you…you WILL see results, I promise you.

Some top ones are: 1.  blogging daily 2.  talking to 3 new people per day about your business 3. buying a set of leads and working 10 per day, every single day.  If you were to do anyone of these 3 things that I just mentioned, you would be unstoppable.

But this is open for discussion, and I would love to hear other suggestions that you have that lead to success.  Please put them below in the comments section.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  To see what real life home business discipline gives you, check out the leaders associated with this system now!