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August, 2012 | Dr. Timothy Lawler

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Home Business Contests: Do You Use Them?

home business contestsAre you a fan of home business contests?  Have you ever participated in them or hosted one before?

If not, then you are missing out on a massively influential and powerful tool to grow your home business team.   However, the problem that I see all too often though is one of two things….either people don’t offer a sweet enough prize OR they actually give up on hosting the contest before it is over.

How does that even happen?

I honestly don’t know, but it does happen.  Regardless, these suckers will explode your business if used appropriately.

So what are the key points needed to run successful “home business contests”?

Well, here are 3 things that you must have, in my opinion, for it to be worth anyone’s while…

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Create A No Kidding Real Tribe

I didn’t even realize what this meant until I was going through the “15K Formula” product within the Empower Network last night.  I have listened to this first video in the series, well, kind of half ass to be honest, for the first two times that I viewed it.

But last night was the 3rd time going through it, and I caught this part due to actually giving the lesson my undivided attention.  And the kicker is…

You need to create a no kidding real tribe.

I’m not talking about a half ass, completely automated tribe, such as TribePro (BUT this is massively important too!).  This will get you results so please don’t think that I’m knocking the automated Tribe systems.

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Get The Gurus’ Attention

If you were to do the action that is the title of this post, I can promise you that you will be making money with your home business.


Because it means that you are getting some type of results.  They may not be the best results, but you are getting results nonetheless.

But usually, they ARE better than normal results.

You have to understand…..

A big time home business professional’s time is extremely limited, and in order for them to..

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Simply Unreal Home Business Content

home business contentDave and Dave just continue to impress the hell out of me with the simply unreal home business content that is packed into the courses at the Empower Network.

So as you may have seen from a few of my other posts over the past week or so, I am diving head first into the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive course.

And every single damn video that I watch just keeps getting better and better.

They go over crazy amazing mindset stuff that I used to just blow off when I first started, but now I realize that it is one of the most important parts, if not THE most important part, of your business.

But the home business content does not stop there…

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5 Ways To Write High-Quality Content – Fast

Hey Gang,

I was doing a little research, and I came across this post.  Smith Grel, the author, said it perfectly so I just copied and pasted the post below so that you could also benefit.  The link to the original post is below.  Enjoy!


Every blogger wants to write supremely useful and insightful content.

The question is — how do I pull that off consistently without my blog eating up every waking hour of my day?

And if you write for other sites in addition to writing for yourself, there’s even more pressure to keep the quality up. Whether you’re getting paid in cash or traffic, you can bet your host blogs are counting on you for great posts — every time.

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Am I Just A Big Dork?

I’m pretty sure that the answer is a massive “YES!”

Why am I posing this question?

Well, ever since I discovered Internet marketing, I just absolutely freakin’ love it.  I don’t watch TV anymore.  I come home and watch marketing videos.

I don’t necessarily want to go out all the time, boozing with my friends, and wasting money.  I instead would rather stay home, blog, and make money.

Does it make me an anti-social person?  I don’t know…maybe.

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