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Proud To Be Awesome | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Proud To Be Awesome

Proud To Be AwesomeYes, I’m damn proud to be awesome.  If you aren’t awesome, it means you suck.

And you don’t want to suck.

Because if you suck, it means that you are a needy little whiner that wants to be taken by the hand and led around everywhere in life.  You don’t take any responsibility for things that happen to you, and it means people will call you a little bitch.

You don’t want to be a little bitch, do you?

No.  You don’t.

You want to be awesome.

You want to lead other people in this world, showing them that they can get past the insurmountable.   You want to help them achieve their goals.   You want them to be rockstars.

By being awesome, you are then, by default….a rockstar.

Again, I’m proud to be awesome.

Are you?

If you aren’t, it’s ok.  We can get you there.  But you need to make the decision right now.  You need to stop getting punched in the face by the hurdles in life.

You need to get punched in the face with a fist full of awesome instead.

In fact, you need to wake up, go to the bathroom, stare in the mirror, and say, “yes, I AM awesome.”  Then splash a little awesome on your face, and walk out of the bathroom with a number one finger in the air.

Your neighbors from across the street will sense your awesomeness, and they will scream for you at the top of their lungs…”WINNING!”.

That’s how the morning starts for awesome people.

If you aren’t there yet, you need to get there.  Like now.

Yes, I’m proud to be awesome, and it’s fun.

Sucking isn’t fun.

So decide that you are going to be awesome, and come join me in fighting the forces of evil.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

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