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Don’t Ever Give Up On Your Home Business | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Don’t Ever Give Up On Your Home Business

Don't Ever Give Up On Your Home BusinessNo seriously, don’t ever give up on your home business.  You always hear these words spoken, and you can intellectually believe it when you start to analyze them.  However, I’m here to tell you after living and breathing it that it’s true.

I have been doing this now for over 5 years, and it has not always been easy.  I have had my friends and family make fun of me constantly.  I have been looked at like a crazy person by my colleagues in medicine.  I have had other business people not take me seriously.

But you know what…I’ve lived by this motto…

“Don’t Ever Give Up On Your Home Business”

As I have written in the past, things have really turned around for me over the past year.  I had enough balls to say that I was going to attend a $5,000 marketing event last July, and when it’s all said and done, I will have made a 500% return on my investment from the contacts and experience that I had there.

Not bad huh?

Not at all, but that’s not the impressive part.

The impressive part is that I never gave up.  That’s why I constantly preach….

Don’t Ever Give Up On Your Home Business.

There will always be hurdles, and that is what makes entrepreneurs great.  They are able to get over the hurdles and press on to success.

For me, I could have made excuses that I worked 120+hr weeks, or my medical profession should be my main focus in life, or I don’t have immediate access to the Internet at times due to my current career path.

Instead, my belief and focus have only became more laser targeted as the years have gone by.  For most people, they would have quite a LONG time ago.  They will have chalked it up to some excuse for their failure instead of taking on the responsibility that they are the only ones to blame.

Therefore, I will say it again….

Don’t Ever Give Up On Your Home Business.

You have invested some sort of time and money into it.  So go get the returns that you want off your time and money investment.  The income is just sitting there for taking….as long as you don’t ever quit.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  This is the most simple tool that anyone can use, and it will ensure that you never give up on your home business.