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Turning Back On The Marketing Funnel | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Turning Back On The Marketing Funnel

Marketing FunnelOk guys, I have to admit that I am finally turning back on the marketing funnel.  So as my last post alluded to…where in the hell have I been?

Well, working extremely hard on my newest business that is hands down going to take the cake over all my others, but still, I am constantly developing any and all ventures that I’m a part of.

And that is kind of the point with this post.  To let you know that I’m back, and I’m working to start turning back on my personal marketing funnel, aka blogging.

You have to understand that it truly is a passion of mine.  Yes, it can be a huge pain in the ass at times too, but it is a phenomenal way to communicate with others and put your mind out there.

And most importantly, it is a way to help others succeed.

“If you help others get what they want, you will in turn get what you want.”

This is a quote that Mike Dillard always refers back to, and I have been placing that back as my main focus of my businesses.

It is the focus of turning back on my marketing funnel!

As of right now, this avenue is one of the best ways that I can help others get what they want.  If you are new to my site, please take the time to read through it.  I think that you will find it helpful.

Or, check out my “Recommended Resources” above, or check out the various training mediums that I constantly reference throughout my posts.  Yes, these are my affiliate links, but that is not the point.  They are doors that I am giving you to what I have used to be successful.

I want you to use these same doors!

Turn on YOUR own “marketing funnel!”

You guys should see much, much more of me in the coming days and months.  The light is shining down, and things are finally starting to become very clear.  Come along for the ride :).

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S. If you are serious about wanting to create your own marketing funnel online no matter what type of business you do, then you need to definitely check out these 3 weird marketing tricks that will make your business explode!