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Marketing Other People's Products | Dr. Timothy Lawler

Marketing Other People’s Products?

marketing other people's productsSo are you currently marketing other people’s products?  Yeah, as in like affiliate programs, joint ventures, or good ole’ straight up free advertising for them?  I get asked this quite a bit, as in, why in the hell would anyone want to market someone else’s products?

Well, I’m here to tell you today that it is a VERY smart business move.

From the most basic premise of business, especially online business, you can and should participate in affiliate programs.  HOWEVER, I say this with a strong caveat.


Yes, I’m talking about NOT marketing other people’s products unless you have purchased them!!


Simple, it is an ethical business practice. How do you know something is good or worth other people’s time unless you have tried it yourself?  You could be telling them to purchase a pile of crap?  Would you really knowingly do that just to make an extra buck?  I sure as hell hope not.  That is the fastest way to lose your credibility in any market place.

You help others get what they want, and you in turn will get what you want.  Again, I’m really living by this statement these days.

Also, here is another one of the biggest reasons that you should “market other people’s products”….

By doing so, you edify them as a leader, AND IN TURN, you become a leader for being associated with them….

No seriously, this is an absolute fact.  You start to look like a rockstar because you are helping people get what they want by recommending another rockstar’s products, that might just help that newbie break through.  That newbie (or “oldie” whichever) will then come to you, asking for other products that you recommend.

Again, this only creates win-win situations.  Always be looking for the win-win situations.   That is how you really succeed in these situations.

I could on, but I want this to be a conversation starter.  Therefore, please put your own thoughts and comments below.

Until next time…

Dr. Timothy Lawler

P.S.  If you want to know my top product that I recommend, which will not only help in marketing other people’s products, but will also help anyone, in any business, then check it out here.